What You Can Do To Help Your Senior Pet


What You Can Do To Help Your Senior Pet

Today, I had Dr. Barbara L. Butchko from Meridian Mobile Veterinary Care come to my home to evaluate my senior dog Buddy.  Buddy is a black lab and he is 12 years old.  My family and I were just unsure as to what we can do to help him with his aging body and to help keep him comfortable.  When Dr. Butchko came to my home (she is traveling vet) she took one look at my dog and told me “He looks very good for a 12-year-old dog”.  We were all very relieved to hear that coming from an expert in aging dogs.  She examined him from head to toe and explained to us that he has lots of fatty tumors and that is very common in senior labrador retrievers.  Dr also told us that he may have arthritis and may benefit from acupuncture and My Dog Buddyit was included in our 1st wellness examine!  Wonderful, Let’s do it, anything to help my dog.  Buddy was very relaxed as the Dr. did the acupuncture.  We should notice the results as the day goes on.  She suggested that we do 4 sessions to really see improvement with him.

We also decided to put Buddy on Tramadol to keep him pain-free.  Tramadol does NOT have any side effects as some of the other medications have so we learned a lot today and we are ready to help Buddy age gracefully and hopefully pain-free.  She said she would call it into CVS as they have it there.

Dr. Butchko also took blood so she will be able to tell us a lot more as to why Buddy is drinking so much water and urinating so much.  We will get those results in a day or two.  So, all in all, it was a great way to have my pet evaluated AT HOME in the comfort of Buddy’s own home.  I will write another blog once we get all the results from the bloodwork back.  Hopefully nothing serious.

After Dr. Butchko left we soon received a call from CVS telling me that Buddy pills were ready.  The woman on the phone told me that the meds would cost $75 HOWEVER if I go online to www.GoodRx.com that there are coupons there that we could use to save us more than 1/2 price. Yippie, I love to save money using coupons.  I thank CVS in Wesley Chapel enough  for letting me know this as I would NEVER have know.  Good job CVS!!!



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