How to Help Your Cat Get Used to Visitors

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How to Help Your Cat Get Used to Visitors

Cats commonly act wary when visitors stop by. It’s their survival instinct kicking in because anything new denotes a potential hazard. While this is normal behavior, the fear a feline experiences when guests enter the home can lessen the quality of life for her. Helping your cat get used to visitors enhances her well-being.

Prepare the Environment

Make the social space in your home physically and emotionally appealing to your cat. Add wall shelving, vertical posts and covered beds in order to create climbing and hiding spaces. That way, your cat can go somewhere safe when she feels insecure.

Engage in different types of play regularly in this space. If your cat has no interest in traditional mice or feather toys, try mechanical gadgets. Food puzzle toys can also do the trick because they satisfy the urge to hunt for food. If your cat still won’t play, use the area frequently to pet and brush your cat.
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Practice with Rewards

You can train your cat to associate the ringing of the doorbell or the sound of a door knock with a pleasant event. Practice with a trusted family member at first. Have the person play the role of a mock guest. Have him ring the bell or knock on the door. As soon as he steps inside, give your cat a reward. Once she is used to this, alternate roles.

Next, invite someone with whom the cat has a good rapport. Open the door carefully so that the cat can get a glimpse, and give her the reward. Have the visitor enter sideways so that there is no eye contact and ask him to sit down at a safe distance. Repeat these steps initially with all your guests.

Use Clicker Training

While cats will never be dogs, it’s a common misconception that they can’t be trained. They just need a method that works with their instincts. Clicker training works with those predispositions beautifully. In this case, you can use it to enhance your cat’s confidence and to give it some behaviors on which she can focus when visitors come into her territory.

Keep in mind that cats have different personalities. Timid ones will take longer to get used to people. Ask guests to respect animal boundaries and adjust your expectations. For example, a cat might never get used to visitors with rambunctious dogs or energetic children. Exposing her to these stressful situations could create serious setbacks.

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