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As a dog walker here in Indian Trail North Carolina, I have a lot of my clients ask me about heart worm.  So, here is some information that my help you.  Dogs and Cats here in the South are easy targets for  getting heart worm.  Longer warmer temps and lots of ponds and streams.  Always check with your veterinary to get the up to date info for your pets safety.

It is important to remember that heart worm preventives does not  prevent infection; they prevent the progression of disease by killing immature worms that have infected a dog or cat within the last month or so. Heart worm treatment costs 15x more that preventative for the year. GET YOUR PREVENTATIVE!

Heart worms in dogs is a condition caused by a certain type of parasite. These parasites are transmitted to your pet through mosquitoes. If you are living in an area where there are lots of mosquitoes, it is important that you seriously consider heart worm prevention for your dog.


Heart worm is a dangerous disease. It can kill your dog !!! .This disease is very prevalent in the US and mostly where there is standing water.


The moment heartworm-transmitting mosquitoes bite your dog, the larvae will be transferred into its bloodstream. It will incubate there for several days. That’s the on-start of the disease. If left ignored, the parasites will eventually cause your pet a lot of harm. As such, it has to be treated ASAP.
Heart worm in dogs can be prevented in many ways. There are preventives in the form of injections and oral medicines. The injection is usually given to the dog on a monthly basis, quite diligently during the heart worm peak season.  Talk to your vet as to how your dog can use these medicines to keep dog heart worm from their system.

This link will give you much more information to Heart worm for your dog or cat… Yes, cats can get heart worm too!!!!!!!



Below is a great video to inform you on heart worm… Thank you AVMA VETS for this info.. check them out here.. http://www.avma.org





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