Have You Heard Of The Munchkin Cat/Kitten? Indian Trail Pet Sitter Looking To Care For Munchkin Cat/Kitten

I was talking with my daughter today about cats and kittens and how I thought they were just so cute.  She asked me if I had ever hear of or did pet sitting for a munchkin cat.  A munchkin cat?  I had never hear of this type of cat.  She then took over to her laptop and went to youtube and keyed in munchkin cat and to my suprise there was the cutest little cat I had ever seen.  I learned something new this morning.  I happen to think they are so adorable and now I want one.  That will not happen so I guess I will just have to wait for one of my clients to get one and call upon me to cat sit for them.

Here are some facts about the Munchkin Cat that I found on the internet if the event that anyone of you might be interested in one or two.

Munchkin Cat

The History of the Munchkin

The Munchkin is a cat breed that sprang from a natural genetic mutation. Reports of short-legged cats have appeared throughout history, including in 1944 in Britain, in 1956 in Russia, in 1970 in New England, and in the 1980s in Louisiana. A cat named Blackberry, who was found as a stray in 1983, was the mother of the Munchkin breed. She and one of her male kittens, Toulouse, were outcrossed to domestic cats. Outcrosses to domestic shorthairs and longhairs are still permitted to ensure a diverse gene pool.

Starting in 1994, The International Cat Association’s new breed development program, which has a genetics committee to monitor breeding data, began to oversee the Munchkin’s development. The Munchkin’s short legs turned out to have a dominant inheritance pattern, similar to Corgis and Dachshunds. The breed achieved full recognition by The International Cat Association in 2003. The Cat Fanciers Association does not recognize the Munchkin.

Munchkin Temperament and Personality

This is an outgoing cat who enjoys being handled. He has lots of energy and is faster and more agile than he looks. Think of a low-slung sports car and you get the picture.

The friendly Munchkin likes playing with children and other cats and dogs. On the rare occasion when he’s not in motion, expect to see him sitting up on his hind legs to get a peek at something interesting. He’s not a “leap tall buildings in a single bound” kind of cat, but he is definitely capable of making his way to high places if he so chooses. It just takes him a little longer.

The Munchkin is highly intelligent. Challenge his brain by teaching him tricks and providing him with puzzle toys that will reward him with kibble or treats when he learns to manipulate them.

Always choose a kitten from a breeder who raises litters in her home and handles them from an early age. Meet at least one and ideally both of the parents to ensure that they have nice temperaments.

Choosing a Munchkin Breeder

You want your Munchkin to be happy and healthy so you can enjoy your time with him, so do your homework before you bring him home. For more information on the history, personality, and looks of the Munchkin, or to find breeders, visit the websites of the Fanciers Breeder Referral List and The International Cat Association.

Put at least as much effort into researching your kitten as you would into choosing a new car or expensive appliance. It will save you money in the long run.


Remember if you get one to PLEASE call me so I can come and care for him/her while you are out of town and need a pet sitter…



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