What Happens When My Dog Eats Chocolates?

What Happens When My Dog Eats Chocolates?


When it comes to feeding the dogs many of the owners get perplexed. But one single foodstuff should be given a big no – that is chocolate. Whenever the master is out, some notorious dogs sense the opportunity to have a go at the chocolates by breaking chocolate jars. So what happens to them when they increase the liking for chocolate and other choco products?

Theobromine is a chemical that is commonly found in chocolates. It is comparable to the caffeine content present in coffee and is supposed to be toxic in larger proportions. The negative effects may have a larger impact for every 100 mg per kg of bodyweight in a simple sample of Theobromine. This is lethal due to the presence of highly toxic materials. The important aspects of size, metabolic activity, category, and the dog are significant when you try to keep your dog from eating chocolates.

How much is too much?

The amount of chocolate that will produce a toxic effect depends on the body weight of the dog and the kind of chocolate consumed. One hundred to one hundred fifty milligrams is enough to cause poisoning. Simply explained, this means that it would only need to eat ten ounces of purer chocolates as found in Bakers chocolate and in unsweetened chocolate to poison a twenty-pound dog. Purer chocolates contain a higher dosage of Theobromine.

The nervous system, heart, and the kidneys can be largely affected when the dog consumes either the Theobromine or caffeine. If it is not perfectly monitored, the dog might have nauseating sensation, chronic peeing problems, impatience and dehydration at the highest order. When the dog starts to live with it becomes hyperactive and begins to miss the balance, harmonization, increase blood pressure and excess heat emanating from the body. Occasionally it may lead to a fatality caused by some illness like arrest and loss of consciousness.

It applies to cocoa too. Cocoa mulch has high levels of Theobromine and should on no account be supplied to a dog. White chocolate only if taken in massive quantities should pose a problem and doesn’t give trouble if consumed in lesser quantities as it is mainly made of milk.

What should you do if your dog ate Chocolate?

If you believe that your dog has consumed chocolate, you must contact a vet without delay, particularly if it illustrates any indications. If likely, explain how much and what kind of chocolate it has eaten. Clearly tell the symptoms that you see in your dog as the vet may advise you to do something or might ask you to get the dog to them for a diagnosis.

There are a plethora of Substitutes and scrap provisions that a possessor can provide for a dog that doesn’t bring hazards. Most of these entail meats and vegetables that are fit to be eaten. All of them like it anything, above all if it is layered with gravy. Yet, even the most vigilant of possessors might not be able to stop a dog 100%. Try to monitor any changes within the dog.

How to Treat Dog Eating Chocolates?

Make the dog vomit once it eats chocolates and then gives a solution of water that has activated charcoal mixed in it. Toxiban charcoal, a branded category, is powdery and can absorb several toxic chemicals and thus stop them from creating harm to the organs of the dog. It also stops some other painkillers, organic phosphates, herbicides, depressants, and rodenticides.





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