Here is Another Great Reason To Hire a Professional Pet Sitter.

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Love and Kisses Pet Sitting Save the Day!!!


Love and Kisses Pet Sitter Saves the day!!!!

I received a call phone call the other day from one of my pet sitters that had just arrived at a clients home, she was very upset.  Amy told me that when she walked into the clients house (with 3 dogs) that she smelled natural gas.  As she quickly let the 3 dogs outside she went about to try to find the source of the smell.  Amy came upon the stove and to her horror the knob on the gas stove was slightly turned to the on position.  The gas was seeping out of the stove and causing it to fill the house with its aroma.  Amy took action to turn it off and make sure that no other knobs were turned on. My pet sitter Amy made sure the dogs stayed outside for quite some time to get fresh air and she made sure the house was completely aired out before she left for the day I am happy to say that all 3 dogs were fine and the house no longer smelled of the gas since Amy took care of business.

Thank God that this client has Love and Kisses Pet Sitting as her daily pet sitter because I don’t know what would have happened  if these 3 dogs were to sit all day in the house with the smell of gas from the stove left on. I don’t think  it would have been good.  I have heard  of some terrible things that can if the gas is left on in a house with pets inside.  Amy was right on top of it!!  Thank you Amy for knowing what to do and taking action.

This is one of the very many reasons to only hire a loving, professional pet sitter to care for your pets while you are working or out of town. If you or anyone you know is need of a daily dog walker or vacation pet sitter, please share our information with them.  We are here to help you and pet with all their pet sitting/ dog walking needs.



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