Give Dog Owners a Custom Canvas Painting of their Pets

Make Dog Owners Smile through a Custom Canvas Painting

Customizing a gift, making it personal and special, goes a long way toward impressing your friend with your thoughtfulness. And, if the person you want to give a gift to happens to own a faithful dog, then that may just be your ticket to their heart and appreciation. For such a person, being a dog owner is a rewarding and richly loving occupation. We suggest you give them custom pet oil paintings. 

Pet portraits in oil make a great gift, and you can stop your endless searching for that perfect option because animal portraits in oil are one-of-a-kind and truly unique. In fact, animal oil paintings on canvas can really help you by offering you the chance to practice your creativity while you select a gift. Even in this post, we offer a few simple ways you might approach giving pet oil painting portraits. (All the options we discuss are available to be ordered, just commission a pet oil painting from photo through Portraits On Demand.)

We hope you will review these three ways you can offer a pet oil painting to your friend who loves their dog dearly. This person will be impressed, if you do, with your choice of photo and perspective when they finally receive the original work of art from you. Make your animal oil paintings on canvas interesting for your audience and the recipient of the gift by considering the following approaches. 

Them and the Canine 

Imagine that you have just decided to give an oil painting of their dog sitting by their side or interacting with them playfully. This kind of personalized oil painting gift will have an unmistakable and 100% original feeling which has the makings of a special and impressive gift. It may even be the way to ensure the photo you turned into a painting is appreciated for years to come. 

The reality is that this may be the most simple and profound way to highlight the essential and personal bond that the dog and its owner share. In this way, then, you can turn those warm and fuzzy feelings for the pet into something tangible, making it an unforgettable gift. 

Can you see a future where you see the picture and painting every time you come to visit your friend, and you see how much it hangs prominently in their mind and heart? See how they feel they have loving and supportive friends who understand what matters to them most. Consider giving them this feeling of connectedness, but you might also try another approach. 

A Solo Portrait

To turn a photo into a fully-realized painting accomplishes more than you might originally expect. This is true in the world of gift-giving for anyone, but especially for those special dog owners and lovers in our lives. 

Instead of a mere pretty picture, an individual portrait of the friend’s dog is a statement and a celebration of the individual pup. In this image, you can see all their unique personality traits, quirks, and cuteness. And, the owner can certainly see them reflected happily back at them too. So, search for that image that really communicates the uniqueness of the dog for the owner’s delight. 

An individual portrait of the dog has a certain classic style and sophistication that can go much further than the standard “photoshoot” image. There’s something about capturing the natural essence of the dog that really makes this option stand out as a timeless take on an already great gift. Try finding images that are the most organic and iconic for the dog. In this way, you’ll inspire feelings of real gratitude. 

The Dog and the Family

While the gift you have in mind obviously puts their status as a loving dog owner center frame, it can extend its reach to incorporate more of that love that will make the gift truly spectacular to behold. You can add some meaning and deepen the emotional flavor of the gift by including other family members and friends that the person holds dear. After all, the dog is really part of their family, an essential part of a greater whole. 

Here you can bring in the bonds, memories, and connections that these people (and pooches) all share, and you’ll emblazon them boldly on canvas. This kind of painting celebrates people and pets, and it’s one thing that the people in the photo will always remember. Try and find an image that has a group of close friends and family as well as the dog. It may be a tough find, but the rewards are truly worth it. sits at the top of the list of vendors who can easily and expertly craft an oil painting of animals for your pet-owning friend. Give a gift that shares the love and affection they have for the dog with a custom canvas painting. Contact Portraits On Demand today for your custom oil painting of a dog and their owner.



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