Waxhaw Dog License, Did you Get Yours?

Love and Kisses Pet Sitting, sharing community new.

Love and Kisses Pet Sitting, sharing community new.

I don’t think many folks do know about the licensing rule for dogs in Waxhaw. Here is what I know. A couple years ago when they started the license they apparently sent post cards to all residents. Last year 250+ license were issued. Then this year instead of sending to all residents they sent notices to the 250+ folks that were all ready following the license law. So far this year only 166 dogs, cats have license. Using the current population in Waxhaw, taking into consideration that about 40 percent of households have 1.5 pets there should be about 3,000 animals getting licensed. Beside being a small source of income for animal control,(which it currently is not ear marked for animal control), lost animals would have a better chance of finding their way home if lost. The income though small at 3.00 and 5.00, could be put to use by animal control for special needs in the community, or used to help support a dog park. The licensing law has not been heavily enforced as of yet, and I think over time it will evolve into a stronger program.  I  think that the license for a un-altered pet should be much higher than the current 5.00. If the fee for an unaltered dog would be say 100.00-150. it would motivate folks to spay/neuter their pet. I also feel that if your dog is picked up by animal control a license should be issued immediatley upon owner picking up pet. The biggest challenge is this: How to get people to purchase the tags. It’s truly at this time on the honor system and we know without proper motivation the majority of folks will not purchase them. Beside going door to door how will they determine which pets are licensed and which are not. Many people like yourself may not know there is such a ordinance in the town. Any suggestions?

Here is your link to order your dog license if you live in Waxhaw NC http://www.waxhaw.com/index.aspx?NID=249



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