Games to Play with Your New Puppy

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Games to Play with Your New Puppy

To a lot of people, getting a new puppy can be fun, but what is really important is training your new pet how to be an active and a happy dog. As humans, playing games and engaging in some kind of exercises helps us to remain healthy and keep fit. Similarly, helping a dog engage in these activities makes it active. Puppies have a habit of napping all day long and the amount of naps they take depends on the amount of exercise they get. Involving your puppy in games is one of the best ways to have fun and also strengthen your master-dog relationship. Below are some interesting games you can play with your puppy or dog.

Going For a Walk

Taking your puppy for a walk through the neighborhood or park is an important part of dog training. While taking a walk, you can throw a ball for the puppy to jump and catch or, or make it learn balancing by going along irregular paths. Having a walk can also help your puppy get acquainted to different sounds and smells in the environment. If the puppy is too young, avoid running to protect it from harm.

Hide and Seek

This game is particularly good to help a puppy develop hunting skills. The training involves two people, you and a friend or any other relation. All that it requires is to have your friend hold the puppy, while you go hide somewhere and call your dog’s name. Your friend will then release the dog to go find you. It is a very nice game to try with your puppy, it sure would like it.


This game can be played safely in your fenced backyard. Virtually every dog likes this game. This game helps to teach your puppy how to focus and take instructions. For the small puppies, soft balls and toys are the best options for fetching games. This is because they are easy to retrieve and convenient to hold in the mouth. Do not over engage your puppy in fetching sessions to avoid exhaustion from playing for too long.


Swimming is love by many dogs. Having a good swim is a great way for a low stress workout. If the aquatic environment is new to your puppy, then you should start from using a small swimming pool made for children. A floating toy could be deployed to have fun with your puppy in the pool. Introducing your puppy to the aquatic environment at an early age will help a lot to making it become a confident swimmer.

For you to have a good master-dog relationship with your puppy, you need to take your time to give it a proper training. You will need to teach your dog and make him understand your language so that he can obey your commands. Always treat you pet like a best friend and plays with him. If you do this the right way, you are sure of gaining your pet’s companionship and loyalty.

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