Fun Things To Do With Your Dog in The Summer

Fun Things To Do With Your Dog in The Summer

 Summer is known for being the warmest and longest season of the year, falling between Spring and Autumn. It is an excellent season for outdoor activities such as vacationing, swimming or just simply sunbathing on a beach.The perfect combination of lovely weather and longer days makes this season a time for adventure and exploration. In a nutshell, summer is a fun season for most people and what better way to spend it than engaging in fun activities with your dog.

Fun things to do with your dog in the summer

The following list contains pet-friendly activities that will make your dog enjoy the warmer months of the year.

i. Visiting the beach

Visit the beach with your dog, while you were there you could take a walk, sunbath while watching the waves crash on the shore or even go for a run.

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ii. Visiting the park

You could visit the park with your dog and have a picnic together while you play in the grass. It can be a chance for your dog to socialize with other dogs in the park as you feed ducks or pigeons.

iii. Visiting the lake

You can visit a nearby lake and take a boat ride with your dog. Both of you will appreciate the beautiful scenery and fresh air out in the lake.

iv. Outdoor camping

You can go camping with in the woods or up a mountain. You will have fun pitching the tent and taking nature walks together. You can also enjoy a campfire together at night.

v. Road trip

You can take a road trip out to the country together. The long journey will be a fun experience especially if fun stop-overs are incorporated in the road trip.

vi. Swimming in a pool

You can play together in the pool with a ball or floating water toys.

vii. Shopping

You can visit the convenient store together; as you get your supplies for the house you can also get your dog new toys to play with.

viii. Making a home video

Fun things to do with your dog this summerYou can record the activities you and your dog are involved in and watch the video later for your amusement.

ix. Organize a dog walk for charity

You can take the initiative of organizing a dog walk for charity; you will both enjoy socializing with other people and their dogs. In addition, you will collect funds that will be directed to a worthy cause in society.

x. Photo shoot

You can visit a photo studio to take photos with your dog. It will be fun as you try to be creative while striking poses with your dog. These photos can then be later framed and placed in your home.

xi. Off-leash train your dog

You can free your dog of the leash and teach him new tricks in your lawn.

xii. Engage in Doga

Doga is yoga for dogs, do yoga with your dog for health benefits and fun.

xiii. Grooming sessions

Organize grooming sessions for some pampering.

xiv. Playing in the sprinklers

Turn on the sprinklers in your garden and have fun playing with your dog in the spraying water.

xv. Dog walking marathon

Organize a dog walking marathon that will enable socialization and fitness for you and your dog and other people and their dogs too.

xvi. Rollerblading with your dog

Go rollerblading with your dog as he tries to keep up with you.

xvii. Play fetch

Visit a huge field nearby and play fetch with your dog.

xviii. Abstract art with finger paint

Put some finger paint on your dog’s paws and set the dog down on a canvas. The dog’s movement on the canvas will end up creating abstract art.

xix. Visiting an indoor dog park

Go to an indoor dog park and let your dog play with other dogs as you also make new friends.

xx. Let your dog hang its head out while driving in a convertible

Take a drive down the boulevard in a convertible with the roof down. Your dog will enjoy the rush of air with its head hanging out.

xxi. Vet visit

Make a visit to your dog’s veterinary doctor for a regular checkup, afterward, both of you can go and have a treat.


The above fun things to do with your dog in the summer will leave you and your dog happy.

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