Fun Activities to Do with Your Dog This Summer near Charlotte, NC Swimming With Your Dog

Fun Activities to Do with Your Dog This Summer near Charlotte, NC

Swimming With Your Dog

What better summer activity with your dog than swimming? Descended from wolves, who were/are in fact very comfortable in the water, most dogs are already fantastic swimmers by nature! Though it might take some slow and careful accommodation, your pup is probably going to absolutely love the water (probably more than you). Whether you have a giant in-ground pool or a little above ground, or even a little kiddie pool, don’t neglect this top-notch summer activity.


Remember to be careful around the water when playing with your dog. Though most breeds are naturally fantastic swimmers, short-snouted breeds like pugs or bulldogs aren’t. Be sure you know all there is to know about your breed!


  • Always be vigilant, watchful for possible dangers.
  • Give your pet time to adjust.
  • Some breeds are poor swimmers not meant to be around water; be aware if yours is one.


Take Your Dog to the Beach

Why should humans be the only ones to enjoy the beach? Your dog is going to love all of the fascinating scents and aromas that ocean breeze has to offer more than you will ever know!


Be aware of the beach rules, however. Some beaches don’t allow pets. Remember to always clean up after your furry one, and always remain vigilant! No dog should be allowed to roam off leash on a public beach, whether the rules state this or not- which they should.

Camping With the Dog

A tradition as old as time itself, camping is definitely an all-time favorite pastime to embark on with your dog this summer!  Who would make your outdoors experience more complete than your furry companion? Whether it is a camper you’re staying in, an RV, or a tent, no camping trip would be complete without your dog by your side.


Remember, summer camping can also pose a hazard to your pet if you aren’t careful. Remember to heed these few rules:


    • If hiking, plan your trip toward the morning or evening (not dark) when the weather is cooler.
    • Always provide plenty of water, rest and shade for your pet.
    • Plan your routes ahead of time.
    • Harness your dog. Collars can catch, causing a choking hazard.
    • Be sure to remember your dog tags with contact information in case your dog gets lost. Consider microchipping also.
    • Pack a pet ‘first aid kit’.

Pet First Aid Kit with Free Emergency Foldable Bowl — Travel and Camp for Pets and People, Universal First Aid — By Diatonic Designs

Agility Training

What’s more impressive than watching intently as a dog leaps over hurdle after hurdle or through tall hoops with the grace few humans could ever hope to master? What about dogs swiftly weaving in between poles so fast they are a blur? Have you ever seen a dog run a catwalk or balance over a see-saw?


Not only are agility tricks impressive and draw attention as a topic of conversation, your dog will absolutely love the ‘games’, and nearly any dog can perform them just as well as world champion competitors with patient instruction from the right trainer. There is no need to spend thousands on professional agility equipment when you can build most things with PVC piping in your own backyard for far less. Forget expensive educational videos and professional dog training classes costing hundreds; everything is available for free on YouTube for those willing to look.


  • Hoops
  • Hurdles
  • Dog walk
  • See-saw
  • Tunnel
  • Tire Jumps
  • Weave Poles
  • Pause table


There’s so much fun to be had with your dog this summer and beyond! Well, what are you waiting for? Get out and enjoy your day with your dog.

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