Frozen Dog Treat For Your Pet In The Summer

Frozen dog treat ball

I saw this frozen dog treat for your pet and just knew I had to share this with all my pet loving friends. What a great idea for hot summer day to give your dog a frozen pet treat to help them cool down. I thought if some of my clients made this and left it for me to give their dogs when we come back from a long walk in the summer, it would keep their dogs cool and content.

How hard could this be to make?  Not hard at ALL   You could take any size shape you wanted for the size of your dog. Small dog use a small container and large dog use a milk container.

Here are some suggestions to make it…
For a large dog, take a paper milk container and fill with water or low sodium broth.   Just add what ever treats you wanted such as carrots or even some of your dogs favorite dog toys …. just drop them in and freeze it. When it is completely frozen just peel off the paper, and be sure to take your dog outside (the water will melt) give to your dog and he will LOVE it!!!

Let me know if you have done this or are thinking of doing this for your dog in the summer.  I know I am going to make some for my dogs.  They will LOVE it!!!!



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