Fleas and Your Pet- Information From Your Pet Sitter In Indian Trail

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Fleas and Your Pet
Fleas may leave you and your dog scratching relentlessly but that’s not the only problem.  Did you know that fleas can kill? Fleas carry and transmit diseases that can make you and your pet miserable. Read on to learn what your Indian Trail Pet Sitter found out about some of the dangers associated with flea bites and infestation.
Have you heard of cat scratch disease?  It is nothing to scoff at.  An infected cat can pass on this disease to his human counterparts.  According to the Center for Disease Control, Cat Scratch Disease is passed on to cats via flea bites and although CSD poses no problems for Mr. Kitty (and he will not show any symptoms), your precious feline can pass it along to you and it can be dangerous!  CSD is a bacterial disease that is passed from cats to humans via flea dirt or flea feces that hang out on cat’s fur and claws.  If Mr. Kitty scratches or bites you, you could be at risk.  If you do get bit or scratched, be sure to immediately wash the wound with warm soap and water.
Symptoms of CSD: fever, loss of appetite, headache, lethargy/fatigue, swollen lymph nodes.  This disease can wreak havoc on an already compromised immune system so if you or any other family members experience these symptoms, contact your doctor at once.
The Plague can be passed on to your dog or cat as well.  The plague is a rare bacterial disease that can be spread during flea season.  Your pets can contract the plague from fleas and pass it to you but you can also contract it directly from fleas!  A flea gets infected when he bites any wild animal and then he passes it along to your pet when he feeds off him.
Watch for signs of:  fever, pain and swollen lymph nodes.  Sadly, sudden death can occur if your furry friend gets infected.  Immediate treatment at the onset of symptoms is crucial.
Intestinal parasites are another possible yet, easily treatable concern.  If your dog bites at and then subsequently eats a flea that is carrying tape worm, he could become infected.  In fact, that is the only way that tape worm is contracted by your dog. The tapeworm will attach to your pooch’s intestines.
Be on watch for weight loss and vomiting.  If your dog is dragging his rear that is another sign that he may be infected.  The worms resemble tiny piece of white rice and may be noticed in your dog’s stool.
These issues are preventable by treating your pets for fleas each season.  Speak to your veterinary clinic about the best possible prevention plan.  Remember, some products are dangers when applied together on your pet and may just be counteractive so always seek help from a professional.
Call your Indian Trail Pet Sitter for all of your pet sitting needs if you are in the Indian Trail NC or any of the surrounding areas. 704-763-9857
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