Five Tips for Pet Safety During the Holidays

Five Tips for Pet Safety During the Holidays

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Christmas is approaching quickly, and if you’re a pet lover, like us, you know the importance of keeping your pet safe during the holidays.

While Christmas is all about having fun and creating memories, you want to be sure your pet will be joining in the celebration for years to come.

Let’s talk about five different ways you can keep your pet safe this holiday season.


A Christmas tree is a staple decoration during the holiday. If you have a mischevious cat or a rowdy dog, a tree may end up being a headache for you before you have the chance to put it up for the holiday.

Determine where the tree will be safe, secure it if possible, and utilize a baby gate to prevent your pet from getting too close to the tree to knock it down.


Decorations during Christmas are a must for most, and while we encourage you to decorate your home, we also want to remind you to be cautious with your decorating choices.

Choose decorations that aren’t breakable or that have sentimental value to you. If you have a mischevious cat or rowdy dog, there’s no telling what either would do. Break it or eat are two plausible options.

Also, eliminate the tinsel from the dree. Yes, it’s beautiful, but if ingested can cause digestive issues and a blockage which would require your pet to have surgery.


Of course, Christmas wouldn’t be the same without any delicious treats and a home cooked meal that’s divine.

Remind guests to watch their plates, keep all food up high enough where your pet can’t get at it and avoid giving them any fatty or greasy food.

Be mindful as well that several foods you’ll likely ingest this season are toxic for your pets. Store food immediately when done eating and take out the trash to avoid your pet wanding off for a snack while you’re entertaining your guests.


Additionally, lights are essential to consider when decorating your home and your Christmas tree. Your pet may get curious and chew at the wires and cause an electric shock. They may even get too close or possibly get burnt.

As with everything we have suggested, please consider the placement of the lights in your home. Keep them out of reach of your pet. Don’t hang them too low where they can get tangled or possibly burnt from the heat of the light because let’s be honest some get rather hot!

Safe Haven

Lastly, with the hustle and bustle of the season, you’ll likely have guests coming and going. The new guests could stir up extra emotions for your pet. They could get overly excited, overwhelmed, or anxious.

Create a safe haven for your pet that is off the beaten path, so to speak, so that they can retreat to find comfort and quiet from the noise and extra commotion that they may not be accustomed to.

Add their favorite blanket, toys, and water dish to keep them comfortable. They will thank you for it!

Now don’t think you can’t enjoy the holidays with your pet because you have extra precautions to take to keep them safe. Our goal is to help you take these precautions so that you are fully able to enjoy them without any unexpected visits to the vet!

We love to hear from our readers! What tip will you be implementing to keep your pet safe this Christmas?



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