Five New Year’s Resolutions for Your Pet

Cat | Cat Sitting Indian TrailFive New Year’s Resolutions for Your Pet

Christmas will soon be over, and it’s time to gear up and think about the New Year. Can you believe it? The year is nearly over, and it’s time to do your annual inventory of all the resolutions you would like to make.

What if, you did the same process for your pet? How would that benefit them?

When creating your New Year’s resolutions, keep your pet in mind. There are ways you can incorporate your pet into your resolution so that the both of you can benefit.

Here are five New Year’s resolutions that you can make with your pet:


Make it a point to try new things with your pet. Get new toys, teach them a new trick, try out a new Dog park, or maybe even set up pet play days to let them run around with their new friends. How about hiring a pet sitter to come several times a week to take your dog for a nice long walk or to the dog park for some playtime. Love and Kisses Pet Sitting would love to help you with you with that.

Whatever you choose to do, make it fun and exciting for the both of you so that you can experience something new together.


Nearly every person in the United States has a New Year’s resolution to lose weight. If you’re one of them, may incorporate your pet into your new work out routine.

Both of you shedding some extra weight, moving more, and getting healthier can make it more enjoyable, fun, and less of a struggle.

The two of you can lean on each other in a way to keep reaching for the next goal as part of your resolution.


As with exercise, comes dieting. Now you don’t need to put your pet on a rigorous diet. Always consult their vet first before changing anything with their diet and exercise to be safe.

However, consider cutting back on the treats, use portion control when it comes to their food, and provide healthy substitutes for their treats.


Your pet loves to be groomed! But when was the last time you bathed, combed, and brushed their teeth? If it has been awhile, we suggest you start a routine grooming activity.

Try brushing their hair and teeth on a more consistent basis. Bathe them monthly as well as clip their toenails.

A well-groomed pet makes for a happy pet!

And if in the event you hate grooming your pet, there are plenty of groomer’s who would gladly pamper your furry friend.

Pet Fund

Lastly, to finalize a resolution that is unlike the rest. Consider starting a pet fund so that you can save money for future expenses if your pet is getting older or even for toys, pampering, and travel.

The options are endless but entirely up to you. The point is to start saving now for more fun with your pet or for any medical expenses needed down the road.

We hope you enjoyed these five New Year’s resolutions for you and your pet. Take a few moments after Christmas is over to evaluate what your New Year’s resolutions will be both for yourself and for our pet. Your pet will love you even more if they can be included in any fun activity with you. Make it a point to move more, eat less, and have more fun!

Share in the comments below: What resolution are you sticking to this upcoming year?



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