Father’s Day Gift’s From Man’s Best Friend. Indian Trail Pet Sitter Gives You Some Ideas

Father's day

Fetching Gifts for Father’s Day from Man’s Best Friend

Are you looking to find the perfect gift for the dog-loving father in your life? There are many dog-themed gifts and options that will help your dad bond with his favorite furry friend. Check out some of these thoughtful ideas that will bring a smile to the father in your life.

Paw Print Coaster Set

Does your dad enjoy a cold beer at the end of the day? Buy him a set of paw print coasters so he can rest his favorite brew on the deck or on the coffee table while watching the game. The cute prints will create a warm feeling every time he sees them.

Personalized Silhouette Print

Choose a dog breed and create a personalized silhouette that will be printed on black heavyweight paper and accented with green, blue or yellow based on your preference. A black frame houses the print and can make a lovely addition to your dad’s office or man cave.

Dog Dad T-Shirt

Most fathers like to dress comfortably. A T-shirt that says “Dog Dad” is the perfect way for him to pair a casual tee with some blue jeans. Think of all the adoring looks dad will get while he is playing fetch with his best friend. The shirt comes in navy, red or black trim colors.

Kyjen Dog Agility Starter Kit

Want dad to try new tricks with his dog? The Kyjen Dog starter kit is equipped with weave poles, a stop watch, a high jump and award ribbons. What better way for dog and dad to bond in the park? This will be a great gift that they both can treasure.

Everyday Gift Items

Think about personalizing a coffee mug, key chain or a tie with paw prints, a bone or a picture of dad and dog. These are items that dad can use every day and a gentle reminder of how much he loves his best friend.

A Plant or Tree

For the dad who enjoys the outdoors, gift him a French Garden, a bouquet of six lush green plants, a palm plant or Schefflera Arboricola from FTD.Dad and dog can enjoy quiet time sitting on the porch and enjoying the outdoors.

Books or Movies about Dogs

For the quieter dad who seeks solitude, a book about his dog might be the best way for him to relax and learn more about his breed’s personality. If he enjoys movies, you may want to find out what he would choose as his favorite dog movie and arrange a special screening at home featuring this title. You can even plan snacks that reflect this theme. Dad will certainly be impressed!

Charitable Gifts

Some dads are concerned about the overall welfare of dogs everywhere. If you see your dad stop on the road to help a dog who may be injured, you know that he will appreciate a charitable donation to a shelter for dogs or if you prefer for him to donate his time, you can schedule a volunteer session at local charity that helps dogs. Doing this work will help cultivate feelings of gratitude and who knows, maybe dad might bring home another furry friend for the whole family to enjoy.

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