Fast and High Effectively ways to potty train your puppy


Most new puppy owners feel the most important and maybe most difficult task to accomplish with their new puppy is potty training.

All puppies are not the same and some do learn more quickly than others.

However, potty training your puppy can be accomplished without a great deal of stress.

You will need to train your puppy how to potty inside or outside the house.

  1. Using Puppy Pads in The House

Puppy pad is a relatively new tool in the process of housebreaking.

Usually, they are made of a thick piece of absorbent material with a plastic backing.

After the dog knows where the absorbent mats are located, he will almost always use them instead of eliminating directly on the floor.

The features and benefits of this product are especially effective when used with care and consistency.

The benefits of using puppy-training pads include more cleanliness, less anxiety, and improved convenience.

Keeping messes confined to one location is a bonus. Because there is less stress over cleanup, the entire process is much calmer for the pet.

Accidents have always been a source of concern for dog lovers who must be away from home for periods.

With the training cushion, this is no longer a problem. Pets can learn and adapt to the workday schedule.

  1. Get a Good Odor Neutralizer

To remove the odor of your puppy potty mistake permanently from your house, you should get a good odor neutralizer.

Dogs have a very kin sense of smell, and if you observe, your dog will always go back to the same spot to potty.

Nevertheless, if you can kill the odor of your dog’s potty mistake completely, then your puppy will not think of that spot as his new potty spot.

We also have the article about how to stop your puppy from peeing the same spot.

  1. Set a Fixed Time for Your Puppy to Go to The Bathroom

This will be when he wakes up, after his meal and before he goes to bed at night.

In this situation, be sure you consistently take your puppy outside to go potty at a fixed time and the spot you want him to do his business.

  1. Watching Out Your Puppy Potty Signs

Always watches out your puppy potty signs inside the house signs like circling around a spot, scratching the floor, start walking weird, etc.

Whenever you observe these signs take your puppy out immediately and if he needs to go to the bathroom out praise him for it and give him treat.

  1. Do Not Leave Your Puppy Unsupervised Inside The House

You know, puppies can get into small places like couches, chairs, shelves, etc.

Keeping a watch on your puppy will make him not to go to the toilet in any hidden places, and it will also make you know when he needs to go outside to potty.

  1. Establish a Regular Time.

Puppies should be brought outside first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening.

The time should also be the same time daily.

After meals, you should bring them outside again after about 30 minutes. You have to do this at the same time every day to establish a routine.

Consistency helps a lot in potty training a puppy.

  1. Reward Good Behavior

When the puppy goes outside to his potty place then you can give a reward.

You can give him something delicious to eat, or a treat. Click here for training treats

This will let him remember that going outside is associated with delicious food or a treat. A back rub also lets the puppy feel how much you care for him.

Potty training a puppy needs more positive reinforcement than a negative attitude.

  1. Praise The Puppy For Good Behavior

You can praise your puppy when he deserves it.

Contrary to some perception that puppies or dogs are unfeeling, puppies and dogs do feel it when you are scolding them or not.

Your tone of voice and pitch will indicate if you are pleased with him or not.

Speak pleasantly and praise him for good behavior. That is one excellent way of potty training a puppy.

  1. If He Does It Inside, Carry Him Outside to His Potty Place

There will be times that the puppy will potty somewhere else than his usual place, then you have to carry him and bring him to his potty place outside.

Find a good potty place for him where he can freely do his thing. It would help if the place should also be consistent.

However, some may bring their puppy for a walk for his potty training.

Bringing the puppy for a walk would also allow him to breathe in fresh air and have some time to frolic.

Steps to Potty Training Your Puppy

Step 1:

It is a good idea to crate your puppy at night and when you aren’t at home.

Dogs are den animals and do not like to soil where they sleep. This will keep him from soiling all over the house and will help him learn that he should only potty outside.

You can also crate your puppy for his naps but do not crate your puppy as punishment.

Step 2:

Feed your puppy dry dog food to keep his stools solid and give him plenty of water.

However, do not give him water at least two hours before bedtime or food for four hours before bedtime. This will help to avoid getting up during the night.

Step 3:

Try to stay on a schedule, feeding your puppy at the same time every day and letting him out to potty at the same time.

This will help you predict when your puppy needs to go. Make sure to take your puppy out after every meal and after playtime.

Step 4:

While potty training your puppy, do not play with your puppy outside until he has finished going to the potty.

When he does potty you should give him lots of praise and then you can play with him.

Step 5:

If your puppy begins to go inside, pick him up immediately, say no, and put him outside where you want him to potty.

After he finishes going to the potty praise him for doing it correctly. This gives your puppy positive reinforcement for going outside.

These are just a few tricks that have worked for me if you follow them your puppy potty habit will be eliminated.

Hopefully, the above tips will aid you on your way so you can learn exactly how to potty train a puppy as quickly as possible without stress.

Be patient and calm.

Do not get discouraged! It takes time and consistency to get your dog to understand what you want really.

Remember to keep rewarding him and encouraging him whenever he does his duties outside.

A very important tip when raising your puppy is never to let him roam around your house on his own.

What you want to do is always have them in the same room as you so that you can monitor what he does and catch him in the act.

Otherwise, your puppy will learn to do his duties in the separate room far from you.

We recommend that you close doors inside your house and employ the use of baby gates to limit your puppy’s access.

And lastly, get more tips for potty training your puppy during winter here!





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