Everything You Should Know as a Drummer with Pets

Plenty of musicians are also animal lovers. We all love the idea of practicing in the house while our furry friends relax to our music.


But, if you’re a drummer, it’s a different story. Your playing may bother your pets. They might be scared of the loud noises, making it impossible for you to practice.


Don’t worry: you don’t have to pick between your drum kit and your beloved pets. There’s no reason that your pet can’t co-exist with your music.

Here is everything you should know as a drummer with pets.


Protect Your Equipment


Your drums might bother your pets. Keep in mind that your pets may also bother your drums.


Have a particularly curious dog or cat? Are they always scratching or chewing up your stuff?


Whether you own the best snares available or used gear, it’s important to protect your equipment.


Make sure you put your equipment away after playing. Keep it safe in a closet or separate room.


Introduce Your Pets Early On


It’s not always possible but try to expose your pets to drumming when they are young. By growing up with loud beats, they are more likely to adjust to your jam sessions as they age.


See If It Bothers Them


This may seem like a really direct approach, but just go for it. Start playing and see how your furry friend reacts.


They might dart to another room and cower under the couch. Or, the sound might not bother them at all. Gauge their reaction and make adjustments as necessary.


Put Your Drum Kit in a Different Room


If your dog or cat is really bothered by the sound, practice in a closed-off area.


Designate a bedroom for playing and shut the door. Or, consider setting up shop in your garage. Your pet will appreciate your attempts to muffle the loud sounds.


Have Animals that Live in Tanks/Cages?


The thing about cats and dogs is that they have free range of the house. If the noise is bothering them, they can move to another room.


But, what if you have an animal that lives in a tank or cage? If you own a bunny, fish, turtle, etc., this tip is for you.



Confined animals don’t have the freedom to get away from the noise. So, consider moving their tank to a different room. That way, your beats won’t rattle their cage throughout your practice session.


Get an Electronic Kit


If traditional drums are too loud for your furry friends, consider getting an electronic kit.


Electronic kits are really the perfect solution. You plug them in and hear the drum sounds through your headphones. All your pet will hear is a little tapping on the plastic.


Practice Elsewhere


Electronic kits aren’t for everyone. You may not be able to afford one. Or, you might feel that there’s no substitute for the real deal.


If this is the case, you may have to resort to practicing elsewhere. It may seem inconvenient, but at least it’s a good excuse for not having to have band practice at your place.


Get a Pet Sitter


If you really need to get practice in at the house, consider getting a sitter. See if a friend or family member would be willing to watch them for a little while. Or, hire the neighborhood kid to take your dog for a quick walk.


Find a Balance


All animals will respond to your drumming differently. But, there is really no reason that your pets and drumming can’t peacefully coexist. By finding a balance, you’ll be able to practice without stressing them out




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