Essential Oils and Cats The True Facts

Essential Oils

Essential Oils and Cats The True Facts

Today I opened up my local Facebook page and started reading about how this woman unknowingly had been poisoning her cat since Christmas.  As I read this and know about this topic, I felt the need to write another blog about essential oils and cats.  Cats are different than dogs and process thing differently.  Even birds take in essential oils in a different way.  Please, please read up on essential oils before you use them in your home when you have pets.  It can be fatal to use them.

After reading Snopes article I found this as being TRUE

A woman in Facebook shared her story said in her 7 January 2018 post that she had unwittingly poisoned the cat by using a diffuser in her house with eucalyptus oil to alleviate her head cold. She said:

Essential oilsOur family’s cat name is  Ernie. He has lived with us most of his 16 years. I unknowingly have been poisoning him since Christmas and feel the need to warn everyone who might be unaware of the toxicity of essential oils. I bought a diffuser and a set of essential oils from Amazon.  We started using ours soon after the holiday and loved how the different oils made the house smell, trying a different one each day. I came down with a head cold. On the package with the oils, it said that eucalyptus oil was good for congestion, so we had the diffuser going several hours for several days in a row and close to where I was sleeping.

What Happened to Ernie?

My cat Ernie loves sleeping with me. The first couple days I didn’t notice any symptoms with Ernie, but on the fourth day, he was lethargic, unstable on his feet and was drooling excessively. My husband instinctively Googled eucalyptus oil. It stated that it can be toxic to cats and they can’t metabolize it and stated all of Ernie’s symptoms. It also said that without medical attention, it could be fatal! So I took him to the Vet right away! The Vet gave him a shot of antibiotics and another shot of vitamins to boost him and instructions to watch him over the weekend.

How is Ernie doing?

Ernie hasn’t been himself. He is eating and drinking a little, walking a little better, has some diarrhea, but is still not out of the woods. We also learned that out of the 8 oils in our set, only 2 are NOT toxic. Rosemary and Frankincense. Orange, Lemon, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, and Lavender ARE toxic to cats and small animals. There is no warning anywhere on these essential oils, which I feel is shocking! We have also learned that the candles we love to burn are scented with essential oils. Sorry, this post is so long, but if this helps to keep any of your animals safe, it was worth the rant!!!

Where to buy essential oils and where not to buy them

I also noticed that she bought her oils from Amazon. That’s a BIG no-no. There’s no telling the quality of those oils and whether or not they were pure. Always buy your oils from a reputable place YL, Doterra, plant therapy or Eden’s garden are all good places and the last two are not MLM

Please take a minute to share this story with everyone you know that has cats and other pets in their home.  Everyone with pets needs to be aware of using essential oils. Thank you !!



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