Essential Oil Safety and your Pet

Essential Oil Safety and your Pet

Did you know that animals have more hair follicles than humans? The more hair follicles per square inch of skin the more enhanced the absorption of essential oils. Therefore, most animals can absorb more essential oil through their skin more efficiently than we can as humans. You always want to start low and slow and gradually increase the amount based on their response and the benefits you are seeing.

Introducing Oil to Your Pet

The best way to introduce your pet to essential oils is to begin by applying the oil to yourself while being around them or diffusing into the air in their space (remembering only a few drops to begin). Your animal will respond better to the essential oils when they are comfortable with you and the smell. Once your animal is comfortable with diffusing you can also introduce dietary safe oils to them by mixing the oil in their food.  When you have successfully acclimated your animal, they respond very well to topical application.

Can You Mix The Oil?

If your pet appears to not like or not want an oil it is often because it is simply a new or unfamiliar smell to them. It might even remind the animal of something they don’t like. If your pet resists oils for any reason, try mixing the oil with something the animal does like and see if they respond differently.  You could also diffuse the oil first for a day or two and then try applying it.

What Kind of Oils Are There

If you have a high-energy dog, you might try applying Peace & Calming and/or Valor on yourself. Both Young Living blends have calming properties. Kneel beside or hold your dog and remain very still for a few minutes so that they can become accustomed to the smell.   As your dog breathes in the aroma you should notice a definite change in their demeanor and they will become calmer and easier to manage.

When using essential oils with your pets you want to use in moderation. Every animal is going to respond differently so use common sense, observe your animal and use your best judgment. Their eyes are especially sensitive, so you want to use extra precaution and avoid getting oils in their eyes.

What About Cats and Essential Oils

Cats may respond differently to essential oils. You should always leave a way for your pet to exit the room when diffusing and use caution with citrus oils or tea tree.

How Much Oil Should I Use On My Pet?

The size of your animal makes a huge difference.  When using essential oils on small animals you should use heavy dilution. A ratio of 1 drop of essential oil to 4-5 drops of a carrier oil like V-6, olive oil or coconut oil etc. For larger dogs, you can feel comfortable starting with 3-5 drops of the essential oil unless indicated otherwise on the label. For larger dogs diluting with a carrier is unnecessary, but owners should make their own choices about dilution.  When using oils topically on your cat always dilute.

Where Do I Appy The Oil On My Pet?

People may apply topically to the paw, but my preferred method would be to apply to my own hands and stroke their fur. Petting your dog is a great method of application and unnecessary to dilute. All pets greatly benefit from regular daily diffusion.

One of the most important safety tips in using essential oils with your pets is to make sure you are using a genuine, therapeutic grade essential oil, that has not been dangerously adulterated. Young Living Essential Oils is my company of choice because Young Living is the only oil company that has the Seed to Seal guarantee. Seed to Seal is Young Living’s promise that there is only oil, no filler, additives or chemical-laden fragrances in the bottle. I rest easy knowing that my pets only receive the very best oil and oil infused products on the market today.

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