Driving Safe With a Dog In Your Car


Love and Kisses Pet Sitting, sharing community new.

Love and Kisses Pet Sitting, sharing community new.

 Driving Safe With a Dog In Your Car

Driving with a dog in the car can result in driver’s distraction, difficulty in visibility or exposure to an accident. To ensure driving safe with a dog in your car, the safety of other passengers and that of your pet, there are several devices that can be used. The choice of these devices depends on the size of the pet, and if you have one or more of them.

Some devices that you can consider are:

The Carrier:

They are very useful in the car, or when you travel by any other means of transportation, but only suitable for small or medium-sized dogs.

The Cage:

It’s similar in function to the carrier. Their advantage is the larger size, it’s convenient to transport large sized-dogs with.

A Safety Strap:

They are fixed to hitch belt. To ensure that your pet is safe during the trip, you must incorporate a safety strap.

After choosing the best device for driving safe with a dog in your car, it is important that you consider some tips to ensure that your trip is safe, so that both you and your pet can enjoy the ride.

The first tip to driving safe with a dog in your car is to provide comfort for your pet during the trip. A good idea to accomplish this is to take some of their toys or personal items with you, as this will make them feel at home. Also do not forget to take along water, food, and medications, if your pet is undergoing any treatment.

If you are traveling a long journey, driving safe with a dog in your car will mean not locking up your pet in the car for the whole hours the journey would last. It is recommended to stop and let your dog rest at every two hours before continuing in the journey again. So when you let your pet out, eat and drink water while the both of you are resting, especially if you travelling during the summer to avoid heat stroke.

Another safety measure to adopt in driving safe with a dog in the car, is to prevent the dog from putting out its head through the window, as this can be both dangerous for the animal and everyone else that may be in the car.


It is also worthy of in driving safe with a dog in the car, that most animals often suffer from anxiety, fatigue, and even nervousness while traveling in a car. To mitigate this, when you see that your dog is drooling, make a break and take it out a bit to drink water and take some air.

During the trip, your pet can release a lot of hair due to stress or heat stroke. When this happens, it is advisable to take care of your car seat. One option is to put a blanket or a towel and put your pet on top. If you do not like this option, you can let your dog stay on top of the seat and clean your car as soon as you arrive at your destination, using a brush or vacuum cleaner, depending on your pet and the type of hair.

Finally, once you get to your final destination, have your pet get out of the car, breathe some air, and give it plenty of water before eating food.




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