Dogwood Park in Wesley Chapel and Pelicans Snowballs

On a beautiful, sunny day we encourage you to take advantage of the outdoors! Dogwood Park provides a safe, fun environment for dogs of all kinds. The wide range of play space is enclosed with a tall fence to ensure pet safety. The dog park generously provides ice cold water and bowls to prevent overheating. A park that takes in consideration of the implications of heat is a great free time location. Dogwood Park is located at 121 Lester Davis Road, Waxhaw, NC  28173.

Dogs thoroughly enjoy playing with the free toys located throughout the play area. Beautiful trees create a canopy above the space to prevent excess heat on you and your loved ones. It is a crucial aspect of dog socialization to make sure they get along with other dogs. Dogwood Park is proud to exemplify friendly pet owners and happy go lucky dogs all the time. When dogs socialize and become friends with one another, they experience a feeling of joy pet owners cannot satisfy. This great play time allows each dog to be themselves and use their energy to have a good time.

Dogwood Park is located in Wesley Chapel, North Carolina. Fortunately, it is open to the public every day of the week and weekend. The hours of operation are 7 AM – 6 PM. Not only is there a wonderful playing space, but the Dogwood Park also has multiple walkways to walk your dogs. The different trails allow dogs to be exposed to new scenery and exercise. Additional amenities at the 22.5-acre park include restrooms, picnic area, amphitheater, and a free small library. The entire location is dog-friendly; moreover, pet-friendly. Poop Bags for potty time are free and available in multiple areas throughout the park

After a few, fun hours at the dog park, we suggest cooling off at Pelican’s Snoballs  Pelican’s Snoballs has severalpelican's snowcone locations including Waxhaw and Monroe, North Carolina. This store is outdoors and completely pet-friendly. It is a perfect place to stop and get a yummy snowball ice or ice cream for you and your pet. There are outdoor picnic tables as well for you to rest and enjoy your delicious, refreshing treat.

Spending valuable time outdoors with your loved ones and pets is priceless. Do not waste another minute sitting inside. Take advantage of the beautiful, sunny weather. Whether you want to drive to the dog park or walk your pets in your neighborhood, it is important to get fresh air more frequently than not. Walking a dog or any pet for that matter is a great, easy form of exercise. Although the exact amount of exercise needed depends on size, weight, and height, almost all vets recommend your dogs to spend between 30 minutes to two hours of exercise on an activity every single day. This ensures an optimal health status. Some breeds require longer time frames of exercise due to their genes including labrador retrievers, hounds, shepherds, and collies. Exercise allows the muscles to tone and allows metabolic systems to function properly. Some of the less active breeds include Yorkies, great Danes, Mastiffs, and Newfoundlands.



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