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Does Your Yard Need The ScooperDude?

I heard of a company that you can hire to come and scoop the poop from your yard.  One afternoon a few months ago I was driving in Weddington NC to do a pet sit job and right before my eyes was a big white truck that said “Business stinks…….But it’s picking up!”  I was laughing to myself at this funny saying, thinking this is great, this company will come to my home and scoop the poop? What a GREAT idea!!!!

I was so intrigued by this whole concept as I  would love to have this service to come to my  backyard and scoop up after my 3 dogs.  What a great idea!!!  I took a picture of the truck in front of me so I could call and see what this was all about.

A few months passed and I was going through my photos in my phone and THERE IT WAS … The big white truck “Business stinks…….But it’s picking up!”

I knew I had to call and talk to the owner and see what his business is all about (although I had a good idea) as I am in the pet profession called Love and Kisses Pet Sitting in Union County NC and I know a lot of my clients would LOVE this type of service.

I called Grady and I have to say “What a wonderful, kindhearted man he is”  We made arrangements to meet up over coffee and discuss each others businesses.  Well, I loved the concept so much, that I wanted to share his business with all of you that have dogs.  I will post below all of Grady’s information so you too can meet with him to discuss your needs.

ScooperDude is the name of Grady’s business.  His number for question or service is 704-846-9086

Grady email is

Visit The ScooperDude’s website at





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