Dog Walking – Training Tips From Your Local Indian Trial Dog Walker

Dog Walking – Training Tips

Dog Walking

Among the things people associate with having a dog is the daily task of dog walking. Why is dog walking so important? What does the dog get from this activity and what exactly does the dog owner get as well? Here we will examine why walking the dog is good for everyone.
While taking your dog for a walk, you need to monitor his or her activities very closely. Make sure; the dog doesn’t get into other’s restricted territory. Also, do not let him get distracted by people or any other animals on the street while out on your dog walk.

Exercise. All dogs need walking every day; even the smallest breeds need to have a daily workout of their little legs. The larger a dog is, generally the more exercise it will need. There are working breeds. However, that is deceptively small but needs loads of exercise. When choosing a dog breed, do assess how much exercise it will need to make sure that you have the opportunity and inclination to do it. You may be lucky enough to have a few acres of fenced land at your home that your dog can run around in but it is still important to take your dog on a walk regularly as there are several other benefits from the structured dog walk.

Bonding. A regular walk together with your ‘best friend’ will build and strengthen the bonds between you. Your dog is always excited and grateful to go out on a walk and will genuinely try to please you for the activity to be as regular as possible.

Getting used to being on a lead or leash. All dogs need to be controllable, and therefore all dogs should be trained to behave while on a lead or leash. This is valuable training even if you are fortunate to live in an area where your dog can run free most of the time. There will come the day when your dog needs to visit a vet, or you need to take your dog to the city, and if it does not behave well on a lead, you will have problems.

Socialising. By being distant from its home territory, a dog is forced to learn some social skills around other people and other dogs. This is an essential factor in preventing excessive aggression in your dog later on.

Avoiding dog depression. Dogs that do not get a change in the environment frequently enough can become depressed. A depressed do can develop into an anxious dog, and that can lead to behavior problems. Regular walks, even if they follow a predictable path, will enliven your dog. It will be using all of its senses to its fullest ability thus exercising its mind as well as its muscles.

It is advisable when you get your new pet not to waste the valuable window of time in the early days by not implementing proper training. To do this, you can consult a pet behavior specialist or training school in your area.

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