Dog Walking Visits While You Work or Travel

Dog Walking

Dog Walking Visits While You Work or Travel

Daily Dog Walking.  Do you need it for your pet?  If you work long hours and can’t get home to let your dog out, no worries because Love and Kisses Pet Sitting is here for you.  We are the #1 rated Dog Walking Company in Union County.  We have even won awards for the outstanding and high-quality service that we provide to our clients.

How it Works

How it Works will come to meet with you and your pets at a complimentary meet and greet to let you get to know us and we can meet your pets. We collect all theDog Walking information regarding your pet and home that we would need to know.  We also collect 2 keys from you.  One stays with the pet sitter that will be scheduled for your dog walking visits and other is kept in a lockbox at the office.  This way if your dog walker has an emergency the manager can step in to do the visit.  You know your dog will not be left unattended

Some of the Perks

You can schedule from one to as many dog walking visits that you need, whenever you need them.  Once you are a client of Love and Kisses Pet Sitting, you will then have us at your fingertips.  You will have your own login to our state of the art pet sitter software which will enable you to book your visits anytime you need dog walking. Another great perk of being a daily client of ours is that you will never pay a cancelation fee. We understand that life happens and we want you to know that we have you covered. Click here for more benefits 


The daily walks enable your dog’s to have great health benefits.Through this exercise, your dog becomes less hyper and walking will reduce his level of hyperactivity.An adequately exercised dog is a happy dog. By having daily walks your dog will keep at an optimal weight!

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