Dog Walker in Indian Trail NC Fully Insured and Bonded And The Difference Between Us and

Dog Walker in Indian Trail

Dog Walker in Indian Trail NC Fully Insured and Bonded And The Difference Between Us and

I am a dog walker in Indian Trail NC and the surrounding areas of Union County.  I own Love and Kisses Pet Sitting and Dog Walking.  I have been in business since 2006.  We have been rated the #1 Dog Walking Company for several years in a row thanks to all the amazing employees that work for me. All the dog walkers and pet sitters that work for me are employees NOT independent contractors (that alone says a lot about a business) as they should be. All the dog walkers and pet sitters are pet CPR and First Aid certified, as they should be.

I wanted to share with you today, how many times a new client calls us to ask us some of the above questions.  I can’t believe that some people would just hire anyone, especially someone from an app on their phones such as Rover or Wag.  I get calls all time with horror stories about the dog walkers and pet sitters from these companies.  They lose the clients’ dogs or leave the dog in a hot car, they steal from them and list goes on and on.  Did you know that anyone that applies to one of those pet sitter apps gets the job?  Well, they do.  It is sad that this goes on because people do not know any better.  I want to bring awareness to this and to let you know that when you hiring a dog walker or a pet sitter please hire a TRUE PROFESSIONAL PET SITTER.  There is a BIG difference between the two.  Do your research.  Google the reviews on the different companies. You will learn a lot by doing so.

Below are just a few of the reviews on but if you search you will find many, many more… I got these reviews from Consumer Advocate (click the blue highlighted to read all the reviews)

Waverly, Ohio
My sitter drugged my dogs and nearly killed one, I reported her but Rover is still using her as a sitter. Don’t be scammed, they don’t care about your animals, use at your own risk

Stockton, California
It was terrible. We were informed at 4:00 am that the sitter was not going to make it at the agreed upon time and she would”try” to make it in the afternoon. We were at the airport going on a ten-day vacation. Totally unacceptable they need a back system, we scrambled to get someone and one of us almost had to fly back.

Long Beach, California
People should know that seems to just want to cover independent sitters with a corporate veil. What this means is that Rover promises to provide insurance coverage leading you to believe you can have peace of mind if you use one of their sitters. I found that instead, they held me responsible for the first $250 of my vet bill and denied all other bills–despite it being the fault of the sitter. I was a repeat customer six times with one of their sitters. Good, right? On the 5th time, my dog was bitten multiple times by the sitter’s own dog. The sitter paid for about half of my vet bill and I wasn’t going back but he begged me to return. Because my dog likes him, I took my… Read More

San Diego, California
“A Place for Rover, Inc.” (a.k.a. makes it appear to consumers looking for pet-sitters that all of their “5-star pet sitters” are carefully chosen with “pet safety their number one concern.” That is simply false (curiously, not one of their sitters appears to have below 5 stars, including the sitter I recently gave 1 star). If one digs deeply enough one finds that the company does not seem to check anything their sitters post on the website nor carefully check a sitter’s background to see whether the sitter can provide reasonable or safe services, and the company disclaims all liability for any fraud perpetrated via their website. Analysis of the company website, its… Read More

Arlington, Massachusetts
We had a Rover sitter at our home over the holidays. The house was a complete disaster when we came home. The dresser was full of clothes and pills that the sitter did not remove from the house. The floors were covered in dried pee, along with pee-soaked sheets left sitting in the washing machine. The dogs had peed on the kitchen floor, where we keep them when they are unattended. Clearly, this sitter left our dogs having to pee and poop without letting them out. We suspect they had been alone most of the time. The pills found were opiates, and a letter with the person’s real name exposed a very troubled individual who had been arrested in the past. DO NOT let your fur babies be… Read More

Sarah S
Bountiful, Utah
I really try not to complain or give bad reviews. But after a few weeks of this stewing in my head, I decided I have to warn other doggie parents. Ever used the dog watching/walking app I would suggest you don’t or you stop. I found a sitter that I really, really liked. I booked her multiple times on the app. However, the last time my dogs were there, my poor Monty was bitten by another dog. On the eye. This is in NO way the sitter’s fault. After taking Monty to the doggie ER because his eye was bleeding, they said the bite went through all three eyelids and were concerned that it hit his cornea. However, due to the extremely bad infection, they couldn’t tell until that was taken care of. So off we went with some meds for my pup. Needless to say, I was devastated. Then Rover contacted me and said they would pay for the medical expenses within a 30 day period. Somewhere there must have been some miscommunication because I was under the impression that because this was going to need time to be properly diagnosed they were going to pay it all minus the $250 deductible. (They also claim to have premium insurance.) This was GREAT news. I took Monty in for a follow-up. His eye was still bleeding, only it was on the inside and not draining. My vet recommended I take him to a doggie oncologist. I did, and they said he had an ulcer that needed to be taken care of before she could tell what the damage is. I went home with more meds. A few weeks later we had a follow-up appt and sure enough, he was blind in his left eye due to retinal disconnection from the dog bite. From the day of the injury until the discovery of his official blindness, was just over a month. So reimbursed me the costs within the 30 days and denied my costs outside the month window. There may be more costs in the future depending on if his eye bulges and pain level, his eye may need to be removed. In my opinion, this is flat out wrong. Some may think otherwise, but Monty is my fur-baby, he’s my firstborn. I treat my dogs like they are a part of the family. Now due to an injury, he got while under the care of a rover sitter he is permanently blind in his eye and I’m expected to pay for the rest of the medical expenses accrued due to this dog bite. Not cool.

Donna B
Biloxi, Mississippi
Donna Benard 13 hrs · Biloxi · So very random but BEWARE because I just used to get a sitter and here’s my experience. Just say no. I know this is long but Y’all should be aware. Rover is ignorant once they are paid. They tried telling me their sitters are independent contractors but the reality is I paid Rover and they took 20% of this job so my contract is with them not the contractor. I warned them this would be posted. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Donna Benard Dec 1, 1:40 AM PST I already called you when I was away based on what I was seeing through my home cameras. This first question to all sitters I did meet and greets with (8-10) as I needed… Read More

Chloe S
St Louis, Missouri
Avoid this service at ALL COSTS. Our 14-week old puppy was nearly killed by a Rover sitter (Caroline S. in St. Louis) who left him unattended for 10+ hours and starved him of BOTH food and water. Our brand new $1100 sofa was covered in his vomit, diarrhea, and urine (as was the puppy himself). We caught the Rover sitter in numerous lies and discovered evidence that during the time she was in our house, she consumed alcohol and did not care for our animal whatsoever. Rover’s reply? That they are not liable and they have ALSO not suspended the sitter so she is currently putting other animals in danger as I type. Absolutely Disgusting. I cannot even explain the emotional stress and anxiety caused by this company. Run, don’t walk, in the other direction.

Susan A
Bellingham, Washington
WARNING!! If you use ROVER.COM this can happen to you! I booked a dog sitter from to stay with my dog when I took a 5-day trip. I met the sitter first. She seemed nice and my dog liked her. I scheduled and paid for this service three months in advance. I gave her a key to my home. I even stocked food for her stay, making every effort to ensure her comfort. I bought my round-trip plane ticket and awaited the arrival of the sitter. She NEVER SHOWED UP. She failed to answer any of my calls and failed to respond to any of my texts. My plane took off without me. I called every boarding facility I could to find a last minute arrangement and finally found one, thankfully, and then I had to buy another round-trip flight. Extra costs for the second flight and extra boarding fees ran over $650. The amount of stress I went through for hours waiting for the sitter who never showed up then frantically trying to fix this … I would not wish on anyone. When I contacted I was told that they would only refund my payment to them and offer me a $30 credit toward future service. They would not in any way compensate me for ANY part of my financial losses due to their failure to meet the contractual obligation of their online agreement. After this experience, I would never book them again. Since it is their policy that they will NOT compensate you for any losses associated with your engaging of their “service” and it is not made really clear up front that this could happen to anyone who uses them; I am going out of my way to relate my experience and maybe save someone else the horror and financial losses associated with trusting and using Feel free to share this post as a public service.
Click here to read more about from another professional pet sitting business and she has to say


If you would like more information on hiring a professional pet sitter, if you are in the Indian Trail NC area call Love and Kisses Pet Sitting

Call Love and Kisses Pet Sitting at 704-763-9857

Dog Walker in Indian Trail




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