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Why Dogs Love to Go for a Walk
As a pet sitter and daily dog walker, we have learned how much dogs truly love to go for walks.  We have clients that book us a few times a week  to every day.  They also know the importance to making sure their dog get out and smells the roses.
Taking your dog for a walk is almost as important as feeding them on a schedule. Dogs love to go for walks daily, and the benefits are astronomical. Four very definite reasons to walk your dog include:
·       Walking keeps your dog fit. Just like you are urged to exercise at least 30 minutes a day, walking your dog is equally as important. Letting your dog become a “couch potato” is not good for his or her health and disposition. If you have a dog that is obese, nothing will be better for him or her than a brisk walk. A daily walk helps your pet drop those extra pounds and stay fit. It will be awesome for you too.
·       Behavioral problems can be nipped in the bud if you walk your dog daily. Lack of physical activity tends to develop behavioral problems including aggressive behaviors, irritability, and barking. You will bond to your dog if you give them a daily walk. Dogs tend to be more obedient obey you if you take them for a daily walk.
·       If you keep your dog indoors most of the time, it is imperative take them out and walk them. Dogs do get bored and anxious sitting inside the entire day and dogs actually thrive in the great outdoors. Outdoor environments present a new experience. Your can safely satisfy his or her primal instincts, help them make new friends, and learn get along with others. Socialize your dog on a walk. You might even consider letting them exercise and learn to get along at a dog park. Dog parks are the ultimate exercise venues for your dog; especially if you don’t want to go on a walk.
·       A great bonding opportunity takes place when you walk your dog. It gives you and your dog the time to interact with each other. If you have things to talk out, take your dog for a walk and talk to him or her. They may not know what you are saying, but they will love the conversation and a walk.
When taking your dog for a walk, there are safety tips that you need to follow.
·       Always use a dog leash. Your dog, no matter how well trained, will probably not walk perfectly on his or her own.
·       Keep your leash in a firm hold, but not tight. Avoid reflex leashes do not allow control over your dog. However, keeping too tight a rein on your dog when walking will create a power play between you and your dog.
·       Be a leader. Some trainers suggest you walk in front when walking big dogs. This shows them that you are the alpha dog. However, to keep a better idea on what your dog is doing on the walk, keep them in front.
·       Dogs love to stop and to sniff when on walks. Give them a chance to stop one or two times on your walk. Keep it reined in, but let them enjoy the walk.
If you are in need of a dog walker, please feel free to call Love and Kisses Pet Sitting in Union County  NC  704-763-9857 with any questions you may have or visit our website at LOVE AND KISSES PET SITTING 









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