Dog Thieves In Waxhaw, Matthews, Weddington and All of the Charlotte Area

Dog Thieves in Charlotte.  Please keep an eye on your pets while they are outdoors

Dog Thieves in Charlotte. Please keep an eye on your pets while they are outdoors

Dog Thieves in Charlotte?

Dog Thieves in Charlotte?  I just can not believe that I am even writing about this. When I first read about it on Facebook,  a post warned dog owners of a group of people stealing dogs out of yards. I just could not believe that some people could actually do something like this. It said that thieves will sometimes tie plastic bags to trees in order to mark houses that have dogs.  I thought maybe it was a bit far fetched however, I am now reading about it all over Facebook and it was even on the WBTV news.  There are two reasons people steal dogs: breeding and bait, as in dog fighting training bait.  This is just horrifying.  Also, keep in mind that it is NOT JUST SMALL DOGS.  It is ALL dogs sizes and breeds.  Please stay with your dog while it is outside.  This is such a sad thing to have to write about but I just want to make sure everyone is informed.  Call the police if you see any suspicious cars or people in your neighborhood.  This has got to stop and it will not unless we are all on the lookout always.  Please share this with everyone you know and ask them to share it also.

ALERT – Waxhaw, Charlotte, Weddington area
Please do not live your dogs out unattended even for 15 seconds!!!
This is happening in Weddington, Waxhaw and South Charlotte areas.
A fellow rescuers dog was stolen by these people last night and then her neighbor found the dog after she was thrown out of the BMW.

MATTHEWS, NC — In less than 10 seconds, a Matthews woman says her chihuahua was gone. She is one victim of suspected dog snatchers who WCCB Charlotte viewers have spotted in Rock Hill, Matthews, Weddington and Waxhaw. “It’s like stealing someone’s child,”  “It’s terrifying. I can’t imagine.”

Investigators say they have not received any concrete reports of the dog snatchers, but if this happens to you, they want you to call so they can begin watching.
Love and Kisses Pet Sitting wants all our clients to know that WE NEVER LEAVE YOUR DOG UNATTENDED IN THE YARD!!  WE ARE WITH YOUR DOG THE WHOLE TIME THEY ARE OUTSIDE. You will not have to worry about that. If they are out in the yard, you can be sure to know that we are right there with them!!!
If you work long hours and need someone to come by and take your dog for a walk midday, give us a call and can set up a free meet and greet to go over your pets needs.  Please do not leave your dog out all day alone.  We can help you.  704-763-9857

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