Is There A Dog Park In Wesley Chapel?


Dogwood Park in Wesley Chapel

A dog Park in Wesley Chapel?  I was looking through Facebook yesterday, when I came across one of my pet sitting clients posts that she took her dogs to the new dog park.  I quickly posted back to her to ask “Where is this new dog park?” She told me it is in Wesley Chapel  and it is called Dogwood Park.  What a great name for a dog park.  I had hear of it but was not sure if it was open.  Now that it is, I will definitely bring my pooches there.  When the weather gets a bit dryer and nicer I will check it out and take some pictures to post for you.

I think it is wonderful to have a dog park to take our pets to.  My client told me this… ” It’s really nice. Shaded, double entry gates. Two sections. I talked to the guy who has been working on it and eventually he wants to expand it but this is all the material/money they had right now. There isn’t any water yet so you need to bring some if you want some for your pups. 

Dogs love to run around and get lots of fresh air and sniff all kinds of things.  They get to meet other dogs their and have a great time while doing so.  Be sure to stop by with your dog and have some fun meeting other pet friendly folks.

Love and Kisses Pet Sitting is looking forward to seeing lots of pet owners bring their dogs their.  What a great addition to Union County.

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