Why Does My Dog Always Lick My Wounds?

dog licks my wounds

Why Does My Dog Always Lick My Wounds?

I had a client call me yesterday to ask me a question about why her dog licks her wounds where she just had surgery.  I figured I would write this blog about my findings as many of you may have the same question.

Here is my question that I can’t figure out through my research… I just had surgery 3 weeks ago on my ankle for a torn ligament, now that the cast is off(been about a week and a half) my 15 week old pup has begun to lick it almost obsessively with in the last couple of days. Is that normal? Should I be worried about her or the incision site(it is healed and scanning over)? Help?

It’s an interesting question, so let’s start with why they lick their own wounds first. First of all, a dog’s saliva is very clean, as compared to a humans. And of course, their saliva contains enzymes, etc. which aid a dog in both cleaning their wounds and to promote healing. The second reason is most likely, instinct. After all, they lick their wounds, so why not yours, and for the same reason, just as a mother dog would lick the wounds of one of her pups, should it get injured. It’s strange, but after a period of time, you realize that the dog isn’t as much your pet, as you’re theirs. That’s where the training begins, and you’ve got a lot to learn. Don’t worry though, it won’t be long before you’re properly trained. Seriously though, I wouldn’t encourage a dog to lick your wounds, but I wouldn’t yell at it for doing so. Just a simple pushing away at the muzzle and a gentle, “No” should be enough. Chalk it up to paternal/maternal instinct. Our canine friends are a devoted species, and they too feel that they must take care of their human pets. http://www.answers.com/Q/Why_do_dogs_lick_humans’_wounds

The behavior is normal for dogs to try nursing injuries but for infection reasons and overall well being of the dog and yourself i wouldn’t allow it to do it. People are going to tell you about dogs having less germs than people but they are different germs and not like you’re going to allow any people to lick your ankle either. (lol sorry had to add that) But yeah just keep it wrapped and both you and the pup should have no problems.

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