When Is It Too Hot To Leave Your Dog in A Car and Why


dog in hot car

Please Do Not Leave Your Dog In a HOT CAR!!

When Is It Too Hot To Leave Your Dog in A Hot Car

Leaving your dog in a hot parked car at any time of the year with temperature reaching or exceeding 700 F can be dangerous to your pet. Even when the windows are left partly opened it is still dangerous because of the way the dog’s body is designed to regulate itself. Any situation that will expose your dog to danger should be avoided, especially when the weather is too hot to leave your dog in a car. Understanding the science behind the temperature in your car will help prevent your dog from heat stroke or even in some cases, death.

A lot of people think about the summer as the only time when temperature is hot, and also when the vehicle interiors get hotter as a result of the hot temperature outside. But they don’t consider that this may also be the case during the spring and fall seasons. The truth is that, leaving your dog in a hot parked car whether during the summer season, spring and fall all pose the same danger. This is simply because the temperature outside the vehicle may become warm to heat up the interior of the dog just enough to cause problems for your dog.

Your dog’s normal temperature is between 1010 F and 102 0 F, this is a fact. It is also a fact that mild heat stroke in dog can occur at the temperature of 105 0 F, and that full heat stroke happens at 108 0 F. The logic is, during the spring, if the temperature is 720 F, it therefore means that the temperature inside your car can easily rise up to 105 0 F, a temperature that is just sufficient to make your dog suffer mild heatstroke. Let’s consider a situation where the temperature outside is at 850 F, this will mean that the temperature inside your car rising up to 1200 F within a few minutes, which is very dangerous considering the fact that a acute heatstroke can occur at 1200 F.

Generally, it is advisable to leave your dog at home during the summer when the temperature outside is at 700 F, because the temperature in your car can rise up to 100 0 F which will be dangerous to your pet even if your windows are cracked down. With every degree rise in temperature, the danger of leaving your pet in the car also increases. At 750 F temperature outside, that of your car interior rises to 1180 F; at 770 F outside it is 1230 F inside your car; at 810 F it is 1380 F; at 900 F it is 1430 F and at 940 F outside it is 1450 F in your car.

Many people think that by rolling down their car windows a bit, their dog will do just fine inside the car. This is usually not true as the amount of cool air that will be available when the temperature reaches 850 F will be minimal, especially inside a car. The body system of a dog is not designed to function in cooling off, it is rather designed to preserve heat so as to say warm. The only way to cool off when their surrounding temperature is rising is by panting. When panting, warm air is exhaled while cool air is inhaled from the atmosphere, so if there is shortage of cool air to inhale during panting, the dog will have no way to regulate its temperature. This can lead to heatstroke and even result to death in severe cases.





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