Why You Should Never Leave Your Dog In a Hot Car. Indian Trail Pet Sitter Gives You Advice

Summer hazards: hot cars

Never Leave Your Dog In a Hot Car Indian Trail Pet Sitter Gives You Advice
Do You Love Your Dog Enough to Leave Him Home This Summer?
There have been many tragedies this summer associated with dogs and hot cars.  There have been dogs all across the United States that have perished from heat stroke after being left in parked cars.  The exposure to scorching temperatures was just too much for these dogs to handle.  The saddest part?  Their deaths could have and should have been avoided. 
Why can’t a dog handle the heat in a parked car?
First of all, a dog’s ability to cool off in extreme temperatures is not as effective as a human’s ability to cool off.  Dog’s cool off by panting and releasing heat through their paws but this means of cooling off cannot be even remotely compared to that of their human counter parts.  Humans sweat, which put them at an advantage but in addition to that humans can fan themselves, take off their jackets, turn on the AC…a dog cannot do those things. 
Additionally, a parked car (even with the windows open) heats up to deadly temperatures within minutes.   Essentially, the car becomes “an oven” as reported by the Weather Channel.  When the outside temperature is 90 degrees the inside temperature of the car soars to 109 degrees within ten minutes, 119 degrees within 20 minutes and 124 degrees within 30 minutes!  How would you feel if you were locked in a car that hot?  Dr. Ernie Ward decided to lock himself in a car for 30 minutes so he could feel first-handhow it felt to be locked in a hot car. Take a look and see how he felt after his experiment.  Keep in mind that he wasn’t panting, barking, or trying to escape which would have definitely raised his body temperature even more!
Do your dog and yourself a favor and leave him at home while you run your errands.  Share this urgent warning with your friends.  We take it for granted that people have enough common sense to already know this but they don’t.  There was even a case last summer of a dog trainer who left a dog she was training in a car for 2 hours and the dog perished.  Spread the awareness. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR DOG IN A HOT CAR!!!







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