Should My Dog Eat Pig’s Ears for a Treat?

Just like humans, pets too deserve to have an appreciation day on the calendar – several of them if possible. Such occasions call for pet owners to go out of their way to do something special for their dogs or cats. Initiatives of this nature go a long way in showing your lovely companion that you appreciate them for all the unconditional love it gives you. Regarding this matter, pet owners have all sorts of questions. Among the most commonly asked is whether dogs should be given pig’s ears for a treat. To help you make an informed decision, we highlight the pros and cons associated with this type of dog’s chews.

Pros of pig’s ears for dogs

1. It is almost impossible for a dog to turn down smoked pig’s ears dog treat. They find the chews simply delicious and will even love and obey you more. Perhaps this is the most appealing advantage of this type of dog’s chews. At the very least, you know that your gift will be received with a lot of joy and love.

2. Since the chews have thick hide and density, they permit easy chewing particularly for small dogs, delicate chewers, as well as senior dogs.

3. Giving your dog pig’s ears allows you to kill two birds using one stone. Apart from it being a gesture of appreciation, you get to capitalize on the benefit the chews have on your dog’s teeth. The chews keep your companion’s teeth clean and the gums healthy, and this translates to fresh breath. Furthermore, the chews are also odorless.

4. Compared to other dog chews, pigs ears are relatively inexpensive and readily available. They are sold both online and in local pet stores.

Cons of pig’s ears for dogs

1. This type of dog chews is associated with a dangerous level of fat – especially for dogs that are prone to obesity. As such, if you decide to administer it to your dog, moderate the intake.

2. Does your dog have a sensitive stomach? If yes, stay clear of pig’s ears chews as they may cause vomiting or diarrhea.

3. At times, pig’s ears are infected with salmonella bacteria; an infection that can lead to gastrointestinal infection. Some of the symptoms of salmonella infection include diarrhea, lethargy, and vomiting. For this reason, the chews should only be purchased from a reputable company. Ensure that your source usually conducts heat treatment on their products for about half a day. Heat treatment is an effective way of eliminating possible bacteria. Note that salmonella is transmittable from pigs or dogs to humans – the more reasons you should handle dog’s feces carefully. Also, remember to wash your hands thoroughly after interacting with the chews.

When administered as a treat, say once per week, pig’s ears are a good way of rewarding your dog for the company, love, and obedience. As long as you observe the safety rules, they are the best for small dogs, senior dogs, and delicate chewers. To prevent or curb incidences of digestive obstructions, choking and the consequences of the highly sensitive stomach, supervise your dog while it chews.

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