Dog Collars and Leashes – Pick the Right Ones

Dog Collars and Leashes – Pick the Right Ones


    Most of the people love to have a dog in their house. They buy a dog, and the first thing they take care of them is their food bowl and water. But the most important thing you have to obtain a leash and a comfortable collar for your pet. In many countries, keeping the dog on the collar is a law. If anyone doesn’t follow, the government charged him with the fine. It is also essential to keep your pet in a leash and collar because everyone feels safe.


You can also easily control your dog through these items. Suppose you are not in your house, and your dog sees a cat or squirrel. If you didn’t keep your dog in the collar and leash, it would ultimately run into a busy street. There are many types of collar in the market, but it would be best to choose a comfortable and right collar for your pet, like nylon and spiked dog collars. These collars can keep it in a secure grip and comfort. Some of the basics of buying a collar are given below:


Collar basics:

Every collar is a matter of convenience and ease for your dog. You can choose a nylon or leather collar of any kind and color, but the main focus is that your dog should feel much comfortable that it wears all the time. It would be best to add a tag on it with your dog’s name and your house address. It will help if your pet gets lost.


Before buying, you have to measure the size of your pet’s neck. Take a measuring tape and rape it around your dog’s neck and measure the size. Remember to measure the size lose enough that there should be two fingers gap between the neck and your collar. Now such collars are available in the markets that are adjustable by size. 


Collar types:

Different types of these collars and leashes are given below:


  1. Flat collar:

It is the simplest type of collar, and every pet parent will be pretty familiar to it. Pets feel comfortable and relaxed in it because it is easy to wear and hold on the neck. It doesn’t injure them, so they don’t get lung, bark, or misbehave by using this type. Don’t pull back it to get their attention when they’re sniffing. Don’t even pull the leash to command your dog to sit. Don’t try to control them by pulling on the strap instead of controlling him vocally.


  1. Headcollar:

It is similar to a horse’s halter. People put it over the dog’s snout and attach it behind his ears. It would be best not to pull because it can redirect your dog’s attention. It is excellent for your dog’s calmness and comfort. It makes giving up control and feel safer on the walk. If you pulled it abruptly, its head would get a jerk.


  1. Dog harness:

It is a full-body collar and grips your pet correctly. There are two different types of harnesses. The first one is a front-clip harness, and the second one is the back clip harness. Front clip harness attaches to its chest while the back clip harness attaches to its back. People are using both these types of harnesses in everyday use. Through these harnesses, dogs can easily pull you, which can be dangerous to their backs, making them difficult to move. If it starts pulling, redirect its back towards you.


  1. Prong or Pinch Collar:

There are different controversies against this type. Some people say that it is the perfect type for proper training of the pet, but some people say it hurts the dog and is abusive to the dog.


The main thing you must remember before buying this type is that it must be appropriately fit to the dog’s collar, and it must sit high on its neck. This collar is not easy to use for training. People recommend consulting a professional pet trainer if you have decided to use this type of collar. It is mainly used for training and correction purposes. Don’t pull it to command your dog to come or sit. By doing this, you are not only using the leash for communication but also punishing your dog.


  1. Martingale:

A martingale collar is the combination of a flat buckle and a slip collar. It gives you more control over your pet without the choking effect of a slip collar. It combines the simplicity of a flat buckle collar with a slip collar. But it is limited to how tight the collar can slip. It is best for breeds with thin heads like whippets. It can also cause damage to its neck if the dog pulls it aggressively.


  1. Slip Collar:

This type comes in a variety of materials like a sturdy rope model and many more. It slips over the pet’s neck. It can tighten and put pressure on the dog’s neck and damage the neck if it is not used correctly. You can easily overpower a healthy, untrained dog by using it. It is mostly used for untrained and aggressive mode dogs for the sake of safety.


It would be best to choose the right leash and collar for your dog. It will not only help you to train and control your dog correctly but also help your dog to live comfortably. If you are not sure about these items, talk to your trainer.


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