My Dog is Bored and Destructive, What Will Help?

My Dog is Bored and Destructive, What Will Help?

It doesn’t take a dog expert to tell you that a lonely and bored dog can easily engage in behaviors that can render many a client’s home a nightmare of doggy devastation. The frustration and ensuing heartbreak can be overwhelming for those of us who passionately love our pets but find ourselves unable to give the time and energy to them that we feel they deserve. 

Dog Bored DestructiveThe consequences of bored and destructive behavior in dogs can vary from annoying to cataclysmic, figuratively speaking, and there are as many examples out there of this as there are of breeds. 

There is always a reason behind what a dog does in reaction to treatment by and interaction with their human stewards. There are explanations for why a dog becomes bored and destructive and, with just a few pointers, a pet owner can enjoy some success in curing what ails his or her charge. The fact is there are innumerable reasons and remedies for a dog’s destructive behavior, but for this article, we have pinpointed what is arguably the most common reason (and its remedy).

A Prime Example 

Dogs are pack animals and one of the biggest problem areas can be leaving them on their own for a human’s long work day. If you lock up your animal for, say, eight to ten hours a day, you will probably be dealing with some very challenging repercussions. This is especially true if the dog is cooped up in an apartment with no access to the outdoors.

The fact is dogs need to have some semblance of freedom and are only able to be content if they can at least exercise their muscles and experience the world a bit. In a dog’s case, this means not only running around but smelling seemingly everything in his path and interacting with other k-9s. 

A Proposed Remedy

Perhaps the simplest way to alleviate a dog’s boredom is to take it for a walk. A little calorie burning activity can go a long way in ensuring that he or she is somewhat fulfilled and, by extension, less apt to create havoc at home. (If a dog has been exercised, his or her next item on the agenda might be napping as opposed to finding various households items to chew and tear apart.) So, prior to leaving the home for an extended period of time, one way to ensure your home is not transformed into a giant chew toy is a quick walk or run, peppered with some throw and fetch and, ideally, doggy socializing too.

Hire a Professional Pet Sitter.  If you work long hours and don’t have time to run home and walk your dog, then Love and Kisses Pet Sitting can help.  

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