Dog Boarding in South Charlotte

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Dog Boarding in South Charlotte

Dog Boarding is great for dogs that can get along with other dogs and also are not fearful of there dogs.  Love and Kisses Pet Sitting wants to share with you other alternatives for your pets when you need to travel.

Maureen with Shadow giving him Love and Kisses

Dog Boarding is a great option for pet care when you go on vacation or travel.  However, some dogs may feel
stressed by boarding. Love and Kisses Pet Sitting in your home is a great alternative. We service all of Union County.

We surveyed some local dog boarding facilities and the average cost for boarding for ONE dog in Union County is $38.20 per night.  This is the average for the  basic boarding packages, please be sure to ask exactly what is included with your pet stay at a kennel.

The average cost of boarding for TWO dogs from the same family that can share the same space is $70.42 per night.

Love and Kisses Pet Sitting offers three or four visits a day for pet sitting in your home.  Our rates include ANY number of dogs, cats, or any other animals that live in your home.  The cost ranges from $44-$88 per day, the exact rate depends on the total number of visits booked and your location.  Please call us for an exact rate.

Love and Kisses Pet Sitting offers Overnight Pet Sitting when your pet sitter sleeps in your home with your dogs and cares for All michelle
pets in your home. Rates for overnight pet sitting range from $85 -$100 for a 10-12 hour overnight.  Please Call us for an estimate.

We also offer LIVE-IN pet Sitting.  The pet sitter can come to your home and stay at the house just as you would to care and comfort your pets.

Having a professional pet sitter is a great alternative for dogs who do not enjoy boarding and also cost savings for anyone with a multiple pet household.  We hope to be meeting you and your pets soon!


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