Does Your Dog Need Daily Dog Walking? Indian Trail Dog Walker Is Here To Help You.

Lexie and Sam


Does your Dog need Daily Dog Walking?  I am writing today to let you all know that (I know some of you know this) that Love and Kisses Pet Sitting offers daily dog walking service in Union Co. NC.  If you are working long hours and are upset that your dog is left home for so many hours a day CALL US!!!  We come to your home mid-day and let your pup out, or take for a nice long walk.  It is only fare that your dog get to have midday potty break or just to get out that extra energy.   You wont have to rush home because we took care of that for your.  You can now stop off at the store or stop to see a friend and not have to hurry home every day.  Your dog will thank you.  We have clients that hire us to do the daily dog walk just because the feel bad for the dog sitting home when dogs need to get out and smell the grass or just get some fresh air.  Give us call now and we can discuss this further with you.  Your doggies will thank you.

Dogs are creatures of habit and also need to get out and get walked often.  Just think that when you get home from working a long day at the office, you wont have to take your dog for a walk because we did that for you.  You can come home now and just relax with your fur pal.





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