Does My Senior Cat Need Pet Insurance?

Senior cats can have health coverage through pet insurance. This can help with many health issues that surface due to aging. If you want to keep your spending on vet bills low and regular, your older cat needs the best pet insurance you can find on the market. Here are some valuable pointers to consider while searching for one. 

Defining Seniority in Cats

Research shows that cats are living longer than before. Improved nutrition, veterinary care, and home environments are the main causes of longevity in cats. The lifespan range of senior cats is now 11-15 years. Cats become super-senior if they reach more than 15 years old. 

Aging affects a cat’s behavior, physiology, and immunity. As a cat gets older, its ability to taste and smell food weakens. Its abilities to tolerate stress and hear are not the same anymore. A senior cat’s skin elasticity and digestion of protein or fats also become less effective. 

The Need for Senior Cat Insurance

Cats do not get into accidents and mischief that much when they get older. Instead, senior cats become more susceptible to various diseases. The advancements in veterinary medicine have brought innovative treatments and diagnostic exams into play, and if you have insurance, you may have a better chance of affording the best options for treating your cat. The best pet insurance for your senior cat will cover occasional accidents and diseases at the same time.

The Workings of Cat Health Insurance

The best pet insurance provider knows that senior cats can have any type of health issue. Senior cat owners like you can choose from a selection of health insurance plans. You can even choose to customize the plan’s annual deductibles and reimbursement packages to suit your budget. After paying the vet bills, you can submit the receipt to the insurance company. The insurance company will reimburse up to a hundred percent of the amount you paid. 

What Cat Health Insurance Covers

The owner of a senior feline can place a claim for these medical expenses, depending on your insurance package:

  • Cancer treatments. Mast cell tumors, lymphoma, bone cancer, and squamous cell carcinoma are common types of cancers in cats. Some of them are treatable with early detection. 
    • Consultation and exam fees. The best pet insurance covering senior cats can reimburse you for consultations and exams.
    • Surgeries. The right pet insurance company can reimburse the cost of any surgery an older cat may need. 
  • Prescriptions (FDA-approved). Senior felines may have chronic diseases or injuries in need of prescription medications. 
  • Hospitalization and emergency treatments. Cat health insurance can also cover hospitalizations and any emergency treatmentCat for accidents or sudden ailments. 
  • Chronic conditions. Cats tend to develop chronic diseases as they age. They may have diabetes, kidney disease, inflammatory bowel disease, lymphoma, or hyperthyroidism. 
    • Imaging. This is a diagnostic exam to see into a senior cat’s body. It includes ultrasound and X-rays. 
  • Hip dysplasia. Cats with this type of condition have a loose and misaligned ball-and-socket joint in their hips. 
  • Veterinary specialists. Sometimes, a vet may need the expertise of a specialist in diagnosing and treating a senior cat. The fee for the specialist can be steep. 
  • Orthopedics and prosthetics. Older cats with broken or missing limbs will need orthopedic treatments or artificial limbs to return to a good quality of life. 
  • Congenital and hereditary conditions. Some cats have had ailments since they were born. Cleft palate and deafness are two of these conditions. 
  • Knee conditions. This is also known as patellar luxation. It is a condition involving the dislocation of the knee cap.

A Pet Insurance Plan for Your Senior Cat Can Help Provide the Right Kind of Care

Your older cat may get injured or develop diseases. Aging pets need more attention and veterinary care, and the costs of regular vet checks and emergency treatments can set you back a large amount of money. Getting the best pet insurance for your senior cat can help you care for your feline with less stress. 




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