Do You Want To Know What Is Going On With The Beef Jerky Recall ?

Love and Kisses Pet Sitting Save the Day!!!

Love and Kisses Pet Sitting Save the Day!!!


I have been getting texts and calls about the Beef Jerky Recall since it went public. The one from NBC News about 600 deaths in dogs and 3,600 have been sickened.  This is actually OLD NEWS…I posted about this in January however, this new article is just telling you that they believe it is from Beef Jerky but the source is still unknown.

As your pet expert, this is what I am recommending for you to do to be on the safe side


  • Throw away ALL beef  jerky in your house or return it to the store. It has been known that even the ones that say “Made in the USA” can still have products from China in them.
  • Stop feeding jerky unless it is made from home.
  • Stay close to us on where we inform you of  all the pet food recalls within hours of them being posted! The last one was in Aug from Purina.

Here is website to give you,  the pet owner a breakdown of the Beef Jerky

Please keep a close watch on your pets at all times and only feed them food that is made in the USA



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