Do You Need Help With Your Puppy In Indian Trail, Weddington, Waxhaw and Stallings? Call Love And Kisses Pet Sitting

Need a Pet Sitter in Indian Trail NC? Look no further.




Did you or someone you know just get a new puppy here in Indian Trail, Weddington, Mineral Springs, Stallings, or Waxhaw?  If you did, and you work long hours then you might want to call upon Love and Kisses Pet Sitting.  Why, because a puppy will need to go potty at Least 2 times during the day.  We can stop by and give you little pooch a potty break and some play time so that when you come home you will have a content little fur baby.

dog on toilet

Your little puppy can not hold it all day.  There is no way that is possible.  Having Love and Kisses Pet Sitting come and take you little fur ball out for a walk help with the potty training.  You can start out with 2 potty break visits and then after a few weeks go down to one potty break a day.  You owe it to your pet to have this service and you will be happy that you did.  You do not have to sit at work and worry that your dog is sitting it his/her own urine and you will not have to rush home.

I have lots of clients that are using this service to help potty train their new pup.  They get to have peace of mind with this great service.



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