Do You Have A Scaredy Cat? Union County Pet Sitter Gives You Tricks To Help With Your Scaredy Cat.

Scaredy Cat


Scaredy Cat

All cats will run and hide if they hear a loud noise, but some carts seem particularly flighty.  If your overly anxious cat runs when she hears regularly occurring noises like shut doors, loud steps, or even sound effects from the TV, here’s how to help.

Begin by tapping a wooden spoon very gently against a pot or pan while he is eating.  make sure that sound is loud enough that he notices, but not so loud that he gets scared.  After you’ve done this for a couple of days, you can begin slowly increasing how loudly you tap.

Once your quiet tap is a loud bang and your cat is still calm, change the surfaced you’re tapping to wood or try to incorporate a sound that has easily spooked him in the past-just make sure tho begin quietly and work your way up again.

Finally, begin introducing these sounds into your cat’s daily life.  Eventually he won’t even notice the clap of thunder from outside.


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