Do You Feed Your Dog Raw Hide?

Do you feed your dog raw hide?  I know many people give their dogs those raw hide chews and think nothing of it.  I however, do NOT give my dogs rawhide and I really do not recommend giving it to your dog either.  Did you know that the rawhide can swell in their throat and cause them to choke.   It can also expand in your dog’s stomach, and cause extreme discomfort and blockage and bloat (which can kill). I have heard so many story about this so I choose not to take the chance.

As a pet sitter, I always tell my clients “please don’t give your pet rawhide when they are left alone”.  If you are not there and your dog chokes on rawhide there could be big problems.

I have attached a few links that I have found on the web to share with you.  See below.

Bones & rawhide are dangerous to your dog


So do your homework before you rawhide to your pet.





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