Do Not Put Your Pet In A Dog Kennel If You Don’t Have To. You Have Options.

 Indian Trail Pet Sitters is a Better Choice Than Kennels
If you are going on a trip, you need to consider who is going to take care of your dog while you are away. The possibilities include a pet boarding service, a nice neighbor or family who are not going. You can also hire a pet sitter, and Love and Kisses Pet Sitting are the best.
A pet boarding service can be ideal if there is an opening, and if you plan ahead. You can take advantage of grooming, veterinarian checkups, and shots, plus dog training, playtime, and clean accommodations, and feeding (bring their own food). Cost should be a factor. The more features offered by the boarding concerns, the more expensive it will be.
Dogs can also develop a kennel cough by being confined to other dogs. You can get a preventative shot for kennel cough, and most boarders require these vaccinations. Your dog may learn aggressive tendencies from other dogs or may become aggressive because they are in a place that is totally foreign to them. Many boarding establishments do not provide attention to your dog. They may have “play time,” but you aren’t there to see how your dog reacts to other dogs.
Pet sitters are an awesome option for boarding. Your pet stays in their familiar surroundings at home. They do not feel uprooted. You do not have to struggle to transport your pet to and from the boarding or the veterinarian office. If you have large dogs, the transportation to and from the dog boarding office could be very difficult. Staying at home will keep your pets away from other animals and possible health issues.
You can also have your pet sitter water your plants, pick up the mail and handle package deliveries. With a sitter, your house will look lived in while rather than empty. With the Pet sitter coming and going keep your home safe from unsolicited entry. If your pet sitter is just checking on your pet once a day, these same services can be requested.
A pet sitter will not provide veterinary care or grooming. They will, however, feed and water your pet and make sure they are comfortable. Pet sitters are just a slightly more expensive than a standard kennel or veterinarian who offers to board. However, the cost is worth it to have your pet stay comfortable while you are away. Most pet sitter businesses offer dog walking and taking your dog to a dog park for exercise. You will not get that extra service at a professional kennel.
Be aware that you may have a difficult time finding and booking a good sitter. Call Love and Kisses Pet Sitting ahead of your travel time and get on their schedule. You will not be disappointed with the care your pet receives from these professional pet sitters. If you want a sitter who has gone through background checks, trained and bonded, has references and customer reviews, a professional pet sitter is your answer to pet care.
Love and Kisses Pet Sitting can be reached by calling 704-763-9857 or visit their website for more information at LOVE AND KISSES PET SITTING   We look forward to hearing from you.


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