Do Not Feed Your Dog These Foods on Thanksgiving

Do Not Feed These Foods To Your Dog on Thanksgiving

Do Not Feed These Foods To Your Dog on Thanksgiving


Do Not Feed These Foods To Your Dog on Thanksgiving

Do Not Feed These Foods To Your Dog on Thanksgiving…  With the Thanksgiving Holiday approaching I thought I would remind all of you what NOT for feed your dog or cat from the feast at the holiday table.  So please read through this list and be sure to share with others as they may not know the hazards of giving your pets these foods.

Most of these items WON’T killThanksgiving food you should never feed you dog your dog out right or even right away. Though you don’t want to usually feed your dog these items, some of them might just give your dog a tummy ache at best is what some people say.  I say “why would you give your pet any of these foods if you know that it will either get them very sick or a belly ache.  Just don’t do it!!!”

Here is a story from a pet owner I want to share with you ………….

Just thought I would add a note also. We own a German Shorthaired Pointer and a few yrs ago we had a ham for dinner and my husband gave our dog the ham bone. The bone was not that big, maybe a few inches long and in the middle was all the marrow. Our dog started violently throwing up a few hours later, loss of bladder control and very weak and shaking. We had no idea what was wrong (I thought he was going to die it was so bad). We rushed him to the vets office and come to find out because the protein level was so high with all the fatty marrow and oils it just about killed him. His spleen was so enlarged (we saw X-rays), his kidneys were failing. He ended up with antibiotic and sacs under the skin for dehydration and a special diet for months. Needless to say we will never do that again, he was sick for days and weak. Dogs are NOT people and some have special diets because of the breed. People need to do research on their dogs and learn, we learned the hard way. He is fine now but it is not an experience I would like to go through again! Happy holidays (give them a dog treat) and be safe.

After reading the above story, I would NOT feed my dog these foods.

So, please do not give your pets foods that you think may harm them…give them a pet treat instead.



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