Everything You Need To Know About DNA Testing For Dogs

DNA Testing For Dogs

Everything You Need To Know About DNA Testing For Dogs

We all know about human DNA testing and how it has helped solve many forensic problems. For example, forensic testing has been done to try and help law enforcers identify victims during a criminal investigation. On the other hand, paternal testing can be done to try and identify if a parent is biologically related to the kid. However, did you know there is DNA testing for dogs? Yes. In case you have a mixed breed dog and you have been thinking what type it is, you can do a DNA testing and learn the breed type including its genetic background. Dog owners who are curious about the background of their breeds can go for DNA testing and get insight into their breed history, exercise levels, and personality traits.

What is DNA?

DNA is what determines the personality traits of dogs and carries its genetic code. DNA is usually present in every cell of the dog’s body such as blood, skin, heart and bone cells. Dogs have their own unique DNA. If you want to test your dog’s DNA, maybe because you want to discuss its health issues with a veterinarian, you can buy DNA kits pet retail shops or online stores. Most DNA kits are used for swabbing the dog’s cheeks so as to collect its DNA samples. You don’t require too many skills or expertise to carry out a successful DNA test for your dog. The DNA test will be painless for your feline friend and it will take less than a minute. Most DNA kits available in the market can help identify the DNA of most breeds with high accuracy. However, it is advisable you go for DNA testing kits with more breeds. This is because not all DNA kits available in the market are made the same way.

Wisdom Panel 3.0 Breed Identification DNA Test Kit

So what are the reasons you may want to go for a DNA testing for your dog?

First and foremost DNA testing helps you to know the breed type of your dog. When you know this you will be able to optimize its nutrition and exercise requirements. DNA testing can help you understand the personality trait of your dog including its temperament. As a dog owner, you can be able to anticipate factors that can affect its behavior. Another important reason for going for a DNA testing is that it will help you understand if there are any health issues facing your dog. Therefore, you can be able to discuss these potential health problems with your veterinarian.

Should you talk your dog for DNA testing?

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Wisdom Panel 3.0 Breed Identification DNA Test Kit

Despite the many benefits of DNA testing for dogs, pet owners are a little bit skeptical about the price involved and are not too sure whether the results will be accurate. Thanks to fast advancing technology, there is no need for dog owners to worry because the quality of canine DNA testing has drastically improved in the last few years. Therefore, you can take your canine friend for a DNA testing for a fraction of the price that was paid some few years ago. In addition, you can be confident that the results will be accurate. Going for DNA testing is a fun and educative process for dog owners. If you are curious about your dog’s breed type don’t hesitate to go for a DNA testing.

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