Did You Know That This Indian Trail Pet Sitting Company Also Does Cat Sitting?


Love and Kisses Pet Sitting offers “Cat Sitting”

I know you probably know this already, but this Indian Trail Pet Sitting Company does Cat sitting.  We are an Award Winning Pet Sitting Company and our clients LOVE us!!!!  Dogs, Cats, birds, hamster, fish….we care for them all. We offer Daily dog walking, Vacation pet sitting for dogs and cats and any domestic  pets.

While you’re away on a vacation or business, we want to let you know that we  offer Cat Sitting Services  to our clients.  We come to your home to care for your cat so that you do not have to stress out your cat with travel and unfamiliar surroundings. Your cat will do so much better in their own environment. We make sure your cat has the  proper amounts of food and water on a daily basis.  We provide quality play time and clean up  any accidents and any hairballs.  We clean out the litter boxes daily. We do not charge by the number of cats you have.  We only charge the daily rate of $20 per visit and cats really only require one visit a day.

We offer the following services to give you peace of mind while you’re away from your home

  •  Alternating your house lights
  •  Newspaper/mail retrieval
  •  Watering Plant
  •  Taking out trash and recycling

Keep us in mind when planning your next vacation! It won’t be very relaxing to plan a great getaway and then remember at the last minute that you have to provide a cat care for your beloved feline. For a big, important trip, make sure to schedule us in advance. Love and Kisses Pet Sitting’s schedule is usually open to accommodate you, but you wouldn’t want to get left without a cat sitter and have to stress about that . We will put you on our books and take care of the rest.  Call us today for availability and then go have fun on vacation, knowing you’ve got the best in in-home cat care for your kitty.  Make sure to book your cat sitter as soon as you have your vacation dates.



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