Dangerous Foods for Cats

Dangerous Foods for Cats



Dangerous Foods for Cats

Cats are our feline friends and we always want to treat them like our family.  We spoil them with love and kindness. We love our cats so much.  It may be all right to share some couch space or even your bed with your cat. You are not a good friend however if you start sharing your food with her. It is tempting to let your cat share your table food both to show your affection and to save a bit on expensive cat food. Some food items, however, may poison and cause death to your cat.


Chocolate contains caffeine and theobromine that are fatal to your cat. It is obvious that chemical stimulants affect the nervous system and cause increased heart rates and cardiac problems that may lead to coma or death. Keep your kitty away not just from chocolate bars but also from cups, spoons, and utensils that you may have used to for a chocolate drink.

*Onions and Garlic

Onions are usually considered more toxic than garlic. Both, however, contain N-propyl disulfide in different amounts. This substance can ruin your cat’s red blood cells which will lead to a form of cat anemia. Other than obvious dishes that may contain bits and pieces of onion and garlic, make sure that you also keep your cat away from sauces like gravy and spaghetti sauce which may contain powdered onion and garlic.


Tomatoes are healthy for humans. To cats, however, the bitter alkaloid Glycoalkaloid solanine in tomatoes can be dangerous. Your cat could suffer Catsfrom gastrointestinal problems if they ingest tomatoes.


For cats, milk is not toxic. However, it can cause gastrointestinal discomfort since a lot of adult cats cannot tolerate lactose. You may wonder at this especially since we often stereotypically imagine cats enjoying saucers filled with milk. Milk may eventually cause gas build up and stomach cramps and upsets in your cat. The key is to keep your milk loving pet at bay with very occasional treats of cream. You can also opt to buy lactose-free milk products in the market that have been specially formulated for cats.

*Dog Food

Your cat is not your dog. This means that they also have different nutritional requirements. Feeding your cat dog food can lead to malnutrition, heart ailments, and other serious diseases.

*Raw Fish

Like milk, fish is not dangerous to cats. Raw fish, however, is not good for cats if this is the only thing they eat and they eat this regularly. Cats can suffer from thiamine deficiency by eating raw fish. This could lead to seizures and loss of appetite.

*Spoiled Food

Spoiled human food is dangerous for humans, and it is equally so for cats. Cats, however, may not just get poisoned by chewing on a suspicious meatloaf but also by foraging through an open and accessible trash bin. It is best to keep your garbage cans covered with tight lids and stored under the kitchen sink.

These are the foods which are most dangerous to your precious cat that the individual owner has to keep in mind while feeding to avoid harming or even causing accidents and deaths to your cat

Just growing pets casually has become outdated. Since our pets have become the best friends of our kids and the best mode of entertainment, it is just to give something in extra in care and food. The way the pets are treated shows the level of your love and care.

Diet to them must include all the essential nutrition’s that makes the diet a balanced one. Cat food should include proteins, enzymes, minerals as well as fatty items to make the pet smarter. It is at this point most of the pet lovers go for branded cat foods in available in the in the market.




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