Benefits Of Hiring A Daily Dog Walker. Call Your Indian Trail Dog Walker Today !!

Does Your Dog Need Daily Dog Walking?

Is your dog a little overweight?  Would you like to have your dog get a jog or fast-paced walk? Maybe just a daily afternoon walk around the block.

There are many benefits for your dog.  Walking is a great form of exercise that improves blood flow to the heart and oxygen to the lungs.  It builds strong muscles, increases joint mobility, increases energy levels and helps control weight.  It is very good all over for you and your dog’s body, mind, and spirit.

It provides mental stimulation for your dog and you too. The dog gets his social interaction.  It can also build self-confidence, decrease behavioral issues and improve a dog’s overall mood.  Your dog will be better-rounded in many ways.

Dogs are pack animals.  They need to be with others…dogs or humans. A daily dog walking routine provides them with personal attention and social interaction to help satisfy this “pack need.” It’s also a great way to reinforce training by telling them to sit, stay, slow down etc.

Benefits of Using a Dog Walker

  • Provides socialization and mental stimulation thereby decreasing behavioral issues
  • Helps to maintain a consistent housebreaking schedule
  • Offers a nice break in the day for dogs that have been cooped up for hours
  • Takes place rain or shine because even in bad weather your dog still has needs
  • Provides regular exercise that can have a calming effect on your pet
  • Eliminates your guilt from spending long hours at work
  • Provides peace of mind knowing you don’t have to rush home to avoid a mess

Dogs adapt and develop a bond with their dog walker very quickly. Many times, the dogs are sitting at the window, anticipating the visit. At Love and Kisses Pet Sitting we always enjoy seeing the excitement on their little faces and tails wagging when we arrive.

Do you or anyone you know need daily dog walking? If so call us or share our page with others that want to have their dog walked 1,2,3, or more days (midday visits)…Your pet deserves a midday walk..If you work long hours, elderly folks, etc…call us now to book for the New Year!!!

With all the above said, walking your dog will improve his overall health.  Put your dog’s leash on, or call Love and Kisses Pet Sitting to take your pup for a long walk in the fresh outdoors.  They will love it.

We are servicing Indian Trail, Weddington, Wesley Chapel, Waxhaw, Stallings, Monroe, and surrounding areas…Give us a call today to discuss your pet’s needs.




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