Daily Dog Walking For Your Pet In Indian Trail And Surrounding Areas. Love and Kisses Pet Sitting Is Here for Your and Your Pet


Daily Dog Walking For Your Pet In Indian Trail And Surrounding Areas

Do you live in Indian Trail NC or any of the surrounding areas and have a dog or even a few dogs?  Do you work long hours and feel bad that your dog is left home all day?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you may want to call on Love and Kisses Pet Sitting.  We are the professional dog walkers here in Union County.  We can come to your home once a day and take your dog or dogs for a walk or just let them out in your yard for some play time and exercise.  We have many clients that schedule us to come Monday through Friday midday to let out their dogs.

We can schedule your FREE meet and greet to over all your pets needs.  We discuss a plan your you and your pets so you don’t have to feel bad about leaving them in the house all day alone.  You can schedule once a week or twice a week or all week long.  We are here for you and your pets.

It is so healthy for your pet to get a walk and smell all the different smells.  It actually stimulates them then excites them.  It is so healthy for them to get out and walk.  I have some clients that have us come Monday Wednesday ad Friday just to get the dog out of the house as a treat for them.  Any time you need us you just book on our on-line schedule system and we send you a conformation that you are all set up for your dog walking.

After your dog is walked, we sent you a text to your phone and even a picture so you know your pet was able to get out of the house to relieve himself.  It really is a wonderful service that we offer.

Give us a call at 704-763-9857 and we can discuss this further.  I look forward to hearing from you.  I bet your pet will thank you too.





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