Could Your Pet Be More than Just a Dog?

Could Your Pet Be More than Just a Dog?


It isn’t a rare thing to hear people say, ‘my dog is my best friend’ or ‘dogs are more human than any of us’. You could partly blame us humans and the advancing world for making one feel that way. What with all the shifts in priorities in the rapid lives of humans and them ending up doing not-so-human things to each other.


Pets and Their Pleasing Personalities

But that isn’t really it. Animals are amazing by nature. They don’t merely ‘seem’ amazing just because the rest of the world is filled with unpleasant things. Animals are a beautiful part of nature, not just in terms of appearance, but when it comes to traits and personality too.


Yes, they do have character and demeanor, and you would surely agree if you are an animal lover and you have pets at home. If you have a dog or a cat that you adore, you know how exciting it could be to watch them display character. It’s almost like witnessing the development of a baby or an infant, and you’d be super surprised at the similarities.


Offer your dog an extra cookie and watch him jump in delight and say ‘thank you’ in so many ways of his own. Also, yell at him once and watch him sit glumly on a rug for the rest of the day. Animals are amazing, and simply bonding with your pet can take away all your blues away!


How Precious is a Pet?

Now, when an animal becomes your pet, it becomes extra special to you! A pet becomes yours and you own it. Perhaps saying that it becomes part of you is a better way of putting it. If you randomly went around questioning people about their pets, they’d probably say a hundred wonderful things and you’d certainly be touched! That’s how much a pet can mean to you.


Happiness is…Having Fluffy Things Running About!

Animals really do have an effect on the mental wellbeing of people. This might not surprise you because you probably thought that the intense pleasure you feel with your dog or cat is because he or she is your pet. You probably thought that feeling is a result of the special and unique bond you share. But in reality, animals have the ability to invoke pleasure and happiness in any human, and it becomes a little stronger when it’s ‘yours’.


Can Your Pet Fill an Empty Gap?

Did you know that animals making people happy is actually a job? They are called emotional support animals and they are in demand by people in need of support and peace. If you think your dog could do a great job easing stress and making people laugh, you may want to consider giving him a chance with this. Don’t worry about his absence every once in a while, or about ‘sharing’ him with another, because that’s not how it works. If you really want to know what it’s like, you can simply look for some insight online. Research and lookup services who hire animals for a service. Try specific sites like or simply google up a few key things. It’s all right there, just a few clicks away!


How Crucial is it to Care for them?

Having said that, let’s talk about the kind of care animals need, particularly when one becomes your pet and your responsibility. The tendency to underestimate the needs of an animal just because it’s an animal is less likely to happen with pets. As we’ve mentioned, the main reason you adopt a pet is that you want to give them the care and the attention that they deserve, and more.

Still, though, there could be times when you might take your little friend for granted, and regret it later. Nevertheless, you might want to make sure it happens less often or doesn’t happen at all. They can be more sensitive than you know, and neglect or lack of care could make them unhappy, ill or both.


What Kind of Care?

Care isn’t about food and shelter, but love and affection. Giving your pets this only makes it more possible for them to return twice as much of it to you. Simply watching their behavior is evidence of how emotional and sensitive they can be. That’s why you’d need to make sure you nurture every bit of it.


Grooming Games

Apart from that, there’s also a couple of fun things. Grooming your pet is quite a tiring task but is also great fun and sometimes becomes a hilarious experience. Hygiene is crucial for pets, and if you can both have fun indulging in grooming games, then why not? Bet you’re not the only one who loves the moment when your dog suddenly turns into a chicken after a shower and then gets all fluffed up instantly when you dry her up!


Vets Are Super Important

Have you got your journals with all the records of your dog’s health issues? If you don’t, it’s time that you start on it right away. Never lose track of the vaccines and routine health checks that your pet requires. Not having them done can prove to be very risky for both you and your little buddy. Having them checked every once in a while is good practice, even if you think they’re doing very well. And if you ever notice a change in some way, whether in appearance or behavior, don’t just ignore it. Take him or her to the vet!



Being aware is crucial, too, just like you would of your own child. Make sure you know your pet inside out. The little details matter a great deal, and you’ll only know when a situation calls for your knowledge. For instance, you should know what his favorite place is where he would sneak out to if he had to. You’d also need to know what he means by his strange whimpers and growls, or if there are specific people you associate with whom he dislikes for some reason.


Pets certainly are a commitment, a huge one but extremely rewarding. So much so that everything you need to do for them, little or big, becomes very much worth your while.





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